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  1. So, i have a problem. When i test my map in map editor, palms dont working. Scripts i think OK, .dff and .txd OK. meta.xml OK. client.lua addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() txd = engineLoadTXD ( "gta_tree_palm.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 622 ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 624 ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 710 ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 3510 ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 718 ) dff = engineLoadDFF ( "veg_palm03.dff", 0 ) engineReplaceModel ( dff, 622 ) dff2 = engineLoadDFF ( "vgs_palm01.dff", 0 ) end ) meta.xml
  2. Sayid


    problem is that a ramp is working in places where it should not be. And even worse is that even a ramp not available the coordinates of the object is not exist.. ramp to make the selected object and so with all the objects
  3. LOL, and you think, you map is cool ? I think, you map is boring and old version.. Deco 1/10 Map(maybe) 4/10 I do not see what more there to assess. Skotinka Vol10 is most better, nor your.
  4. Map is very short. But not bad. It's you first map?
  5. Hey. This is my Vol3 I hope you like it. For a HD quality<<<1080p>>> Download http://www.2shared.com/file/OX7-uu3e/DMSayid_-Vol3-_Paradise.html
  6. Sayid


    Mano žaidimo rezoliucija 1280 x 768 x 32 ekranas 22.5 colio, 1920 x 1080 štai kaip viskas atrodo in game: na savaime aišku, kad tas paveikslėlis ištemptas per visą ekraną
  7. Sayid


    tai kad mano rezoliucija (mažesnė nei 1600x1200) nieko nesiskiria nuo 1920x1200. viskas tas pats
  8. Sayid


    He know, what I said. We are Lithuanian
  9. Sayid


    Nu ir ką? Mano tas pats. Ekranas tokios rezoliucijos kaip tavo, o mta lošiu berods su mažesne nei 1600x1200 rezoliucija.
  10. Sayid


    How create a trim in Claudio Vol3 start? With toolbox? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/141/20384252.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/820/bepavadinimojq.png/
  11. Megaupload not working. P.S. I know what I want to send the map
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