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  1. Sorry if I confused some of you, I didn't mean I created that helicopter for multiplayer... It's just the helicopter from GTA VC when the police chases you... But I would like to see this as transports for MTA VC... And by the looks of the seats I'd say there's room for 10 if you include the pilot seats...
  2. LOL I think that unless you found a way to increase the max of transporting people. That big thing is quite useless, you probably DID find a way then I guess. Dunno much about it anyway... What would be cool too is instead of the platform, just try the transport feature on the VCPD helicopter that transports swats (drops them by ropes, would be way cooler if you could do it like that, or put the helicopter to the ground... The ropes would be quite long, yet not toooo long so you can't like, slide down from the highest altitude the helicopter can get, cuz that would be unrealistic) But, you s
  3. http://www.boomspeed.com/jonaswyns/safetymediumplatform.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/jonaswyns/safetyhighplatform.JPG ^----Been thinking, wouldn't this be the ultimate platform? Maybe try making one of those, would be sooooo cool! The medium safety platform would be best for players/infantry The high saftety platform would be good for bikes. Sorry for the paint proggy, I just had to make a quick sketch
  4. Is that image taken from MTA Because I see peds... They look like NPC peds to me... Also, I don't think the passenger seat inside the actual helicopter would be of any use if you pack them all on that platform thingy eh? Also, why not adding a roof. and why don't you let that small step-up thing that you use to enter the platform rotate that it kind of gets used as a security so you can also stick in vehicles without them falling out? (the roof would help with that protection, maybe add in a bulletproof glass roof Oh, and just for looks: Have different textures on the outside of the platfo
  5. TYVM Trx... I thought about this from 3 to 4 AM last night... And I was thinking the exact same thing about drunk feature (the boomshine white/wobbly vision) Btw: Do you need any voice artists? I have done voices (not only my own voice, hired actors) from a pro studio for sertain mods, though normally it would cost ALOT of money, I might be able to work for y'all for free, I'll explain in detail if you contact me: jonas.wyns@pandora.be (this is to the MTA team only, sorry peeps) Also: We're thinking that we might be able to do some different radio stations. Though that's not sertain yet...
  6. Why is nobody thinking of boats? Is it not possible to put them in multiplayer? In any case: -"Boat Race": Self explanatory ---------------------------------------- -"Boat Stunts": " " ------------------------------------- -"Yarrgh Matey": Team A: Ship Crew Team B: Pirates Mission A: -Protect the ship Mission B: -Hijack the ship ------------------------------------------------ "Get Dat Stripper": Team A: 1 NPC stripper 2 Owner Pole Position Club 3 Body Guards Team B: kidnappers Mission A: -Protect your stripper -
  7. Ok, I want to change my vote to YES, ban those fuckers.
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    Buddy list

    Not good, especially because the vote of map resizing came down to making even more spaces to play in/hide in. It would get you bored if you can't find anyone and have no idea where they are Good idea I guess Then I believe you should create a feature to adding buddies in-game... A funny idea would be to have an extra weapon, with as picture showing the fist weapon, but instead of a normal fist, the index and middle finger up showing the piece sign, you would aim at a player and press the attack button then your character waves or something, and it auto-adds the person to your buddy lis
  9. OMG! I live a 30 min drive from there!
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    That's like in the Simpsons where Krusty along with other clowns get into a very small car, with about 10 guys
  11. The screen shots look nice, but I can't get access to the site
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