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  1. I have a bunch of screenshots for you, add me on skype for it..
  2. Hello, I am not a scripter myself. But I just quit with my clan/server. Those scripts are not leaked and were made for my team. If you want you can contact me on skype: reacerr
  3. Well, i have some nice ideas which i don't want to publish here. but for these scripts are no save systems needed
  4. Hello, I am searching for a nice scripter who is advanced with lua. I have some stuff that i want on my DM server, ofcourse i will pay for it Write here under if you are interested to earn some $ (i can pay by paypal) or add me in skype: reacerr Thanks
  5. I am running a quite popular server. But when i wanted to do a server restart i just closed the server and started him again. The console window apears and displays server name etc.. but the server won't start further! Who know about this problem? i have a screenshot if needed. The underscore keeps lighting up all the time like it's connecting.. but it isn't starting Please help! ~reacerr
  6. Reacer

    Mute mapmusic.

    I mean, how can I get the information if gui radio is on?
  7. Reacer

    Mute mapmusic.

    Hmm, yea i understand how to turn the music off every map automaticly, but how can i make it in the script that it only turns of with gui radio on, the gui window is binded to f2
  8. Reacer

    Mute mapmusic.

    It is not an official mta radio channel it is gui window with internet music stations
  9. Hi all, I' just got an radioplayer for my server. It's an DM server and we have alot maps with music integrated which you can turn off by pressing M. But now my question is, I want to make a script to turn the mapmusic automatic off when the client is listening to the radio channel. Can someone help me with this ? Thanks
  10. Reacer

    Server update

    I have my server online in the server browser but hosted on a server in my home.. I made alot changes in the scripts so copy and paste is not a good option
  11. Reacer

    Server update

    Hey, how can i simply update my server to 1.3? never updated before..
  12. It doesn't work.. only RED text appears and there isn't red text in my name, my name is Bg"#FF0098Reacerr I did exactly what u told me.
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