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  1. nothing new.. i got cars teleporting all over the place, cars teleporting half inside me knocking me over then teleporting away again and again, cars stuck inside eachother, invlu people, cars teleporting troughout the entire map and what-not, wait for version 9.7
  2. mhm... don't know where the tunnel is... no really, i can't remember... hehe
  3. Gng


    his ping cannot decrease by 100ms without being atleast 100 allready.
  4. although the bridge is closed, the subway is not.
  5. actually, it's in visual basic if im not mistaken, not c++ P.S. that's one millisecond
  6. Gng


    hahahahahaha, you suck i wouldnt play with as much as 100ms ping, its lagged to death.. hehe
  7. Gng


    Things that should be changed: * People can take 3 clips of an assault rifle without dying.. * different colors on 'radar' for different teams * no police helicopters after you... hehe
  8. GamersHell is hosting 5 mirror sites for MTA 0.3b at This location. http://www.gamershell.com/download_2358.shtml
  9. standalone server.. if they gotta have that car stuff active it just creates 2 cars somewhere, and tells each client where it is, there's no need for gta3 to host a game.. the mp-mod only reads the data from the game anyway, nothing that says it can't make the data itself and send to the clients think dedicated server is a real possibility...
  10. Instead of a 'textarea' with all the servers, how about a list? (kinda like html thing) just double click it and it's added to the "join game" field? now it just looks...messy kinda.. also, there is no reason for the user to see the irc window, i doubt *any* normal user will have any use for it. and the "Support/Readme" should simply be a popup window that comes if you click a 'help button' or something.. in the end, the gui might actually look nice..
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