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  1. uBiT

    Text labels

    Nope, no errors/warnings at all. EDIT: Solved. Just needed to change in function destroy3DText this line: table.remove(TextLabels, i) to TextLabels = nil Because with table.remove it removes row in that table and other row's gets a new 'id' - thats why it couldn't destroy a label.
  2. uBiT

    Text labels

    Hello, i'm trying to create a function create3DText, to show in-game 3D text, which was created with dxDrawText. Although function works, but i have a strange problem and i don't know how to solve it. Here are my client-side script: local TextLabels = { } local i = 0 function create3DText(text, color, font, scale, x, y, z, dist, dimension, hex) if not dimension then dimension = 0 end i = i + 1 local elm = createElement('base') setElementPosition(elm, x, y, z) setElementDimension(elm, dimension) TextLabels[i] = elm local elmData = { } elmData['te
  3. So, if mysql_query success, it returns result and if not - returns false. I known that. I need, to use mysql functions in other resources without connecting to mysql server in each resource. So, with my created function: executeQuery() it returns only string, but not result. EDIT: Nevermind, solved storing mysql results in table and return saved result id.
  4. Hello, how can i use mysql_query function in other resource? I created export function executeQuery(): function executeQuery(query) if query then allQueries = allQueries + 1 local result = mysql_query(dbHandler, query) if not result then sendSQLLog('>>> MySQL ERROR: ('..mysql_errno(dbHandler)..') '..mysql_error(dbHandler)) return false else return result end end end In local resource(where function is) it returns valid mysql result, but if i use in other resource ex.: local checkL
  5. Yes i know, it has to be working, but it dont works. I can hear sound, but my friends cant.
  6. This works only for local player...
  7. Hello, is it possible to play sound using function playSound() for all players in the server? If yes, how?
  8. uBiT

    /me command

    I'm using latest mtasa, 1.2. Maybe it's an v1.2 issue? Maybe myonlake tried his code on 1.1 version, not 1.2.
  9. uBiT

    /me command

    Yeah, but i dont understand. For me, and my friend doesn't work. For myonlake his code works...
  10. uBiT

    /me command

    I need to show usage, if user types /me without any text...
  11. uBiT

    /me command

    Yes started, tried right now - same, no usage... As i said, if i add /ME command, it works... Shows usage. But in built-in /me command doesn't work. JR10, With this script, /me command doen't work.
  12. uBiT

    /me command

    myonlake, yes everything is ok, no errors. JR10, with your script, /me command doesn't work anymore. Whenever i type something: /me testing nothing happens, no debugscript errors.
  13. uBiT

    /me command

    Hmm, i dont understand. For me it doesn't work, tried windows and linux servers. For my friend either, in his local windows server. Strange... JR10, Tried your code, same. I'm saying again: /me command is working, but i need print this command usage. Example: if i type /me it prints something like: USAGE: /me [text]. I just need to show usage...
  14. uBiT

    /me command

    Same, i type /me nothing happens.
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