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  1. Read my other suggestion about 2.5. Add the ball to it.
  2. Start removing the bugs (sorry, but it is veeery buggy ) and adding SMALL features (boats , maybe add full-winged Dodo...). I suggest a new job (Builder/Engeener maybe?). Remove the lag (I've played it on LAN, and that was sooooo slow....)!!! That's all. If you will do more, you will spend to much time. Which could be used better.
  3. Sorry, DracoBlue! I think, Blokker wants to destroy GtaT. He hates alternative projects. That's it. But... Why don't you join MTA? That would be cool... Or just co-operate. Blokker i don't know why do you hate him.
  4. There are two fo them. In two of Starfish Island's pools.
  5. Sync the ball. Not hard. I think.
  6. MaHe

    Lan games to play

    Not much? Buy yourself Half-Life (it's cheap! About 15$), and the download mods for it, from the ModDB.com or ModsDB.com. I don't know exactly. Try it. It's worth of it. I suggest Counter-Strike mod.
  7. My CD is broken. But I finded those damn BACKUP files.
  8. I have... lost my backup.... files.... and installed weird mod... bu.. ...but, something happened.... Ah. In short: Where to download BACKUP files for removing that stupid GtaT mod???? Please, HELP me! I have lost original files! Please....
  9. Thanks. But I (dumb, as I am...) have lost my tutorial how to add vehicles without replacing... So, if anybody have it... Could you give it to me?
  10. I need an assistent for my new vehicle. It's simple. Full-winged Dodo. The way to do it is (i'll modify Skimmer - If you're Skimmer fan, don't worry, my Dodo won't replace any vehicle), is easy but I need to know, how to make Skimmer sink in water and take-off from the land Sorry for my bad english.
  11. I had the same problem and I was thinking that is keyboard error. So I buyed new one. I'm a FOOOL!!!!!
  12. Install MTA has a bug. If I choose, no Start Menu items, the installation crashes. Fix it, please. Sorry for my bad english.
  13. Now there is a proggy with a simple name! Screen Recorder! Supports VIDEO & AUDIO capturing! And 100% free! The best selection, if you ask me. Download, by clicking here!
  14. Download Windows Media Player 9.
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