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  1. It is a seat booking system for beginner programmers. Not mta related.
  2. Hello, I am looking for a Java programmer willing to do a simple job for me which wouldn't really take too long. Hit me up on skype: crysis.mta Or PM here (move to the correct board if it is wrongly placed)
  3. Maybe after 20 years..
  4. Or they are just advertising a server that they love to play on...?
  5. As did I. I'm sure there was a mission on single player that specifically told you to rapid fire the sprint button to go faster.
  6. [sarcasm]Yes, that's defiantly GTA SA[/sarcasm]
  7. I better idea would be making multi-lobby system that works with dimensions. That means you could have more than one mode running continuously. Down side is that it would be harder to code, but in the end it would be worth it.
  8. Cool reasons Sarrum.... I’m pretty sure he meant it as a good way. If you haven’t heard, flappy bird is an addicting but frustrating game. Look around on Google and you will see people smashing their phones, breaking the screen and deleting the game because of it. But in all honestly it’s all in good sport.
  9. asd123


    If you are into a variety of different race gamemodes I suggest you visit FFS. Here's the webstie link: http://ffsgaming.net/home.php
  10. Hello all. I was wondering if there was any way to higher my draw distance for custom made objects, such as making maps and being able to see the objects further. I'm not talking about a script or anything but something I might need to edit on my mta. I need this to work for any server if possible. If you have any knowledge about how to do this, could you kindly tell me. And keep it simple P.S Not sure if this is the correct place for such a thread.
  11. Funny the way you used FFS's lobby images for your faulty system. I suggest you change those images immediately, copying other servers won't get you anywhere nor will it have any positive effect on your player-base. http://ffsgaming.net/download/lobby.jpg
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