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  1. Mods > Deathmatch > Logs > Server.log
  2. SAbJaN


    You;'ve been in my sever, and you seen that chatbox.. I want it to look like your old tG
  3. SAbJaN


    Hey, I'm trying to make the server chatbox look better then it does, so it's like not with that shitty black box, it's like it used to be, if you know what I mean..
  4. Hey Everytime I try to kick someone from my server, it comes up with the message saying they've been kicked, and then I hold tab to make sure, and there name is still there... function kickAPlayer(thePlayer, commandName, targetPlayer, ...) if (exports.global:isPlayerAdmin(thePlayer)) then if not (targetPlayer) or not (...) then outputChatBox("SYNTAX: /" .. commandName .. " [Partial Player Nick] [Reason]", thePlayer, 255, 194, 14) else local targetPlayer, targetPlayerName = exports.global:findPlayerByPartialNick(thePlayer, targetPlayer)
  5. Alright, Thanks Solidsnake14
  6. Is this already programmed to talk? Or do I have to code something into it.
  7. Hey, Considering I have a roleplay, And I want it to be as realistic as possible, would it be possible so when someone types in 'Hello' int the chatbox, it says Hello in a voice, from a certain distance? Regards, -Matt
  8. It's been nearly 6 months since the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V, and while we were treated to a trailer shortly after, Rockstar have remained tight-lipped on the all-important details such as release date and protagonist. Fans have never been busier, however, and the GTANet Community in particular is rife with analysis and speculation. One of the most detailed topics over at GTAForums is Mapping Los Santos. Eagle-eyed members have taken to analysing the buildings and locations shown within the GTA V trailer, matching them to real-life points in Los Angeles. To get a feel of how vast t
  9. http://pastebin.com/vZFNkXbT
  10. Theres not more too it, that was the clientside, and server side, This is the item_system client side if that helps: wItems, gItems, gKeys, colSlot, colName, colValue, items, lDescription, bDropItem, bUseItem, bShowItem, bDestroyItem, tabPanel, tabItems, tabWeapons = nil gWeapons, colWSlot, colWName, colWValue = nil toggleLabel, chkFood, chkKeys, chkDrugs, chkOther, chkBooks, chkClothes, chkElectronics, chkEmpty = nil wRightClick = nil bPickup, bToggle, bPreviousTrack, bNextTrack, bCloseMenu = nil ax, ay = nil item = nil showinvPlayer = nil setElementData( getLocalPlayer(), "exc
  11. Hey guys, I've been having some problems in this Ghetto Blaster menu, when you right click on it, it opens, but when you click 'Close Menu' it does not remove it, and then the ghetto blaster stays on. Serverside: local function updateWorldItemValue(item, newvalue) exports['anticheat-system']:changeProtectedElementDataEx(item, "itemValue", newvalue) mysql_free_result(mysql_query(handler, "UPDATE worlditems SET itemvalue='" .. newvalue .. "' WHERE id=" .. getElementData(item, "id"))) end function toggleGhettoblaster(item) local state = tonumber(getElementData(item, "item
  12. Thanks so much dude, It works.
  13. Thanks again, for the help. And again. [2004-01-09 03:32:47] WARNING: chat-system\s_chat_system.lua:1963: Bad argument @ 'getElementData' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2004-01-09 03:32:47] ERROR: chat-system\s_chat_system.lua:1964: attempt to concatenate global 'message' (a nil value) Line 1963: helper = tonumber(getElementData(v,"helper")) Line 1964: outputChatBox("(( [GOOC] (" .. playerID .. ") [GameMaster] " .. playerName .. ": " .. message.." ))",arrayPlayer, 255,228,196,true)
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