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    Valhalla RP login

    Mods > Deathmatch > Logs > Server.log
  2. SAbJaN


    You;'ve been in my sever, and you seen that chatbox.. I want it to look like your old tG
  3. SAbJaN


    Hey, I'm trying to make the server chatbox look better then it does, so it's like not with that shitty black box, it's like it used to be, if you know what I mean..
  4. Hey Everytime I try to kick someone from my server, it comes up with the message saying they've been kicked, and then I hold tab to make sure, and there name is still there... function kickAPlayer(thePlayer, commandName, targetPlayer, ...) if ( then if not (targetPlayer) or not (...) then outputChatBox("SYNTAX: /" .. commandName .. " [Partial Player Nick] [Reason]", thePlayer, 255, 194, 14) else local targetPlayer, targetPlayerName =, targetPlayer) if targetPlayer then local thePlayerPower = local targetPlayerPower = reason = table.concat({...}, " ") if (targetPlayerPower <= thePlayerPower) then local hiddenAdmin = getElementData(thePlayer, "hiddenadmin") local playerName = getPlayerName(thePlayer) mysql:query_free('INSERT INTO adminhistory (user_char, user, admin_char, admin, hiddenadmin, action, duration, reason) VALUES ("' .. mysql:escape_string(getPlayerName(targetPlayer)) .. '",' .. mysql:escape_string(tostring(getElementData(targetPlayer, "gameaccountid") or 0)) .. ',"' .. mysql:escape_string(getPlayerName(thePlayer)) .. '",' .. mysql:escape_string(tostring(getElementData(thePlayer, "gameaccountid") or 0)) .. ',' .. mysql:escape_string(hiddenAdmin) .. ',1,0,"' .. mysql:escape_string(reason) .. '")' ) if (hiddenAdmin==0) then local adminTitle = outputChatBox("AdmKick: " .. adminTitle .. " " .. playerName .. " kicked " .. targetPlayerName .. ".", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 51) outputChatBox("AdmKick: Reason: " .. reason .. ".", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 51) kickPlayer(targetPlayer, thePlayer, reason) else outputChatBox("AdmKick: Hidden Admin kicked " .. targetPlayerName .. ".", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 51) outputChatBox("AdmKick: Reason: " .. reason, getRootElement(), 255, 0, 51) kickPlayer(targetPlayer, getRootElement(), reason) end exports.logs:logMessage("[/PKICK] " .. getElementData(thePlayer, "gameaccountusername") .. "/".. getPlayerName(thePlayer) .." kicked ".. targetPlayerName .." (".. reason ..")" , 4) else outputChatBox(" This player is a higher level admin than you.", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0) outputChatBox(playerName .. " attempted to execute the kick command on you.", targetPlayer, 255, 0 ,0) end end end end end addCommandHandler("pkick", kickAPlayer, false, false)
  5. SAbJaN

    Is it possible?

    Alright, Thanks Solidsnake14
  6. SAbJaN

    Is it possible?

    Is this already programmed to talk? Or do I have to code something into it.
  7. SAbJaN

    Is it possible?

    Hey, Considering I have a roleplay, And I want it to be as realistic as possible, would it be possible so when someone types in 'Hello' int the chatbox, it says Hello in a voice, from a certain distance? Regards, -Matt
  8. It's been nearly 6 months since the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V, and while we were treated to a trailer shortly after, Rockstar have remained tight-lipped on the all-important details such as release date and protagonist. Fans have never been busier, however, and the GTANet Community in particular is rife with analysis and speculation. One of the most detailed topics over at GTAForums is Mapping Los Santos. Eagle-eyed members have taken to analysing the buildings and locations shown within the GTA V trailer, matching them to real-life points in Los Angeles. To get a feel of how vast the map could be, forum member SonofUgly pinned all the locations discovered to a Google Map. Downtown LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica and as far south as San Pedro all feature, making Rockstar's Los Santos look to be the most advanced and perfectly recreated city yet. Mapping Los Santos! Another hot topic is speculation about the Protagonist. On first play, we're lead to believe the protagonist is simply the narrator, but on closer inspection, a couple of different characters appear during several cut scenes. Could multiple protagonists be introduced to the GTA Series for the first time? Vote in the poll to see what other members think. The main character will be... by ClaudeSpeedRulez If you're fed up of watching the trailer over and over hoping to spot something new, why not join in with GTA5 Screenshot Fun? You can use our Media Gallery for HQ images; simply post your contribution to join in. GTA5 Screenshot Fun - - by grope_4_that_date April brings the anniversary month for the release of GTA IV; what was your most memorable moment? How has it changed your expectations for GTA V? Answer this questionnaire and see how other members rated the debut trailer. So its been 4 years... by GtaVComments Finally, Rockstar may be going through a quiet spell with GTA, but next month will bring us the release of Max Payne 3. Fans will be able to see just how the new multiplayer Crews feature will work, since it will connect to other titles via the Social Club, including GTA V. Community Spotlight will be a regular summary linking to some of the most popular topics from GTAForums GTA V section that encourage discussion and contribution leading up to the release. [Taken off]
  10. Theres not more too it, that was the clientside, and server side, This is the item_system client side if that helps: wItems, gItems, gKeys, colSlot, colName, colValue, items, lDescription, bDropItem, bUseItem, bShowItem, bDestroyItem, tabPanel, tabItems, tabWeapons = nil gWeapons, colWSlot, colWName, colWValue = nil toggleLabel, chkFood, chkKeys, chkDrugs, chkOther, chkBooks, chkClothes, chkElectronics, chkEmpty = nil wRightClick = nil bPickup, bToggle, bPreviousTrack, bNextTrack, bCloseMenu = nil ax, ay = nil item = nil showinvPlayer = nil setElementData( getLocalPlayer(), "exclusiveGUI", false, false ) -- setting this to false prevents possible problems with fridge/shelf inv. showFood = true showKeys = true showDrugs = true showOther = true showBooks = true showClothes = true showElectronics = true showEmpty = true activeTab = 0 -- PLEASE WAIT window local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize( ) wWait = guiCreateButton( ( sx - 200 ) / 2, ( sy - 60 ) / 2, 200, 60, "Please wait a moment...", false ) guiSetEnabled( wWait, false ) guiSetVisible( wWait, false ) guiSetProperty( wWait, "AlwaysOnTop", "True" ) function clickItem(button, state, absX, absY, x, y, z, element) if (button == "right") and (state=="down") then if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "exclusiveGUI") then return end local px, py, pz = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) if element and (getElementParent(getElementParent(element)) == getResourceRootElement(getResourceFromName("map-system")) or getElementParent(getElementParent(element)) == getResourceRootElement(getResourceFromName("interior-system"))) then element = nil end if not element then local wx, wy, wz = x, y, z local x, y, z = nil for key, value in ipairs(getElementsByType("object",getResourceRootElement())) do if isElementStreamedIn(value) then x, y, z = getElementPosition(value) local minx, miny, minz, maxx, maxy, maxz = getElementBoundingBox(value) local offset = 0.34 minx = x + minx - offset miny = y + miny - offset minz = z + minz - offset maxx = x + maxx + offset maxy = y + maxy + offset maxz = z + maxz + offset local dist = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, px, py, pz) if (wx >= minx and wx <=maxx) and (wy >= miny and wy <=maxy) and (wz >= minz and wz <=maxz) then element = value break end end end end if element and getElementParent(getElementParent(element)) == getResourceRootElement() then if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, px, py, pz) < 3 then if (wRightClick) then hideItemMenu() end ax = absX ay = absY item = element showItemMenu() else outputChatBox("You are too far away from that item.", 255, 0, 0) end else if (wRightClick) then hideItemMenu() end end end end addEventHandler("onClientClick", getRootElement(), clickItem, true) function showItemMenu() local itemID = getElementData(item, "itemID") local itemValue = getElementData(item, "itemValue") local itemName = getItemName( itemID, itemValue ) if itemID ~= 80 then itemName = itemName .. " (" .. getItemValue( itemID, itemValue ) .. ")" end wRightClick = guiCreateWindow(ax, ay, 150, 200, itemName, false) local y = 0.13 if itemID == 81 or itemID == 103 then bPickup = guiCreateButton(0.05, y, 0.9, 0.1, "Open", true, wRightClick) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", bPickup, function(button) if button=="left" and not getElementData(localPlayer, "exclusiveGUI") then triggerServerEvent( "openFreakinInventory", getLocalPlayer(), item, ax, ay ) hideItemMenu() end end, false ) else bPickup = guiCreateButton(0.05, y, 0.9, 0.1, "Pick Item Up", true, wRightClick) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", bPickup, pickupItem, false) end y = y + 0.14 if itemID == 54 then -- Ghettoblaster if getElementData(item, "itemValue") > 0 then bToggle = guiCreateButton(0.05, y, 0.9, 0.1, "Turn Off", true, wRightClick) y = y + 0.14 bPreviousTrack = guiCreateButton(0.05, y, 0.42, 0.1, "Previous", true, wRightClick) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", bPreviousTrack, function() triggerServerEvent("changeGhettoblasterTrack", getLocalPlayer(), item, -1) end, false) bNextTrack = guiCreateButton(0.53, y, 0.42, 0.1, "Next", true, wRightClick) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", bNextTrack, function() triggerServerEvent("changeGhettoblasterTrack", getLocalPlayer(), item, 1) end, false) else bToggle = guiCreateButton(0.05, y, 0.9, 0.1, "Turn On", true, wRightClick) end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", bToggle, toggleGhettoblaster, false) y = y + 0.14 end bCloseMenu = guiCreateButton(0.05, y, 0.9, 0.1, "Close Menu", true, wRightClick) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", bCloseMenu, hideItemMenu, false) end function hideItemMenu() if (isElement(bPickup)) then destroyElement(bPickup) end bPickup = nil if (isElement(bToggle)) then destroyElement(bToggle) end bToggle = nil if (isElement(bPreviousTrack)) then destroyElement(bPreviousTrack) end bPreviousTrack = nil if (isElement(bNextTrack)) then destroyElement(bNextTrack) end bNextTrack = nil if (isElement(bCloseMenu)) then destroyElement(bCloseMenu) end bCloseMenu = nil if (isElement(wRightClick)) then destroyElement(wRightClick) end wRightClick = nil ax = nil ay = nil item = nil showCursor(false) triggerEvent("cursorHide", getLocalPlayer()) end function updateMenu(dataname) if source == item and dataname == "itemValue" and getElementData(source, "itemID") == 54 then -- update the track while you're in menu guiSetText(wRightClick, "GHETTOBLASTER (" .. getElementData(source, "itemValue") .. ")") end end addEventHandler("onClientElementDataChange", getRootElement(), updateMenu) function toggleGhettoblaster(button, state, absX, absY, step) triggerServerEvent("toggleGhettoblaster", getLocalPlayer(), item) hideItemMenu() end function pickupItem(button, state, item) if (button=="left") then local restrain = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "restrain") if (restrain) and (restrain==1) then outputChatBox("You are cuffed.", 255, 0, 0) elseif getElementData(item, "itemID") > 0 and not hasSpaceForItem(getLocalPlayer(), getElementData(item, "itemID")) then outputChatBox("Your Inventory is full.", 255, 0, 0) elseif isElement(item) then if wRightClick then showCursor(false) triggerEvent("cursorHide", getLocalPlayer()) end local itemID = tonumber(getElementData(item, "itemID")) or 0 local itemValue = tonumber(getElementData(item, "itemValue")) or 0 if itemID < 0 and itemID ~= -100 then local free, totalfree = exports.weaponcap:getFreeAmmo( -itemID ) local cap = exports.weaponcap:getAmmoCap( -itemID ) if totalfree == 0 then outputChatBox( "You've got all weapons you can carry.", 255, 0, 0 ) elseif free == 0 and cap == 0 then local weaponName = "other weapon" local slot = getSlotFromWeapon( -itemID ) if slot and slot ~= 0 and getPedTotalAmmo( getLocalPlayer(), slot ) > 0 then local weapon = getPedWeapon( getLocalPlayer(), slot ) weaponName = getItemName( -weapon ) end outputChatBox( "You don't carry that weapon, please drop your " .. weaponName .. " first.", 255, 0, 0 ) elseif free == 0 then outputChatBox( "You can't carry any more of that weapon.", 255, 0, 0 ) else triggerServerEvent("pickupItem", getLocalPlayer(), item, free ) end else triggerServerEvent("pickupItem", getLocalPlayer(), item) end if wRightClick then hideItemMenu() end end end end function toggleCategory() if (source==chkFood) then showFood = not showFood elseif (source==chkKeys) then showKeys = not showKeys elseif (source==chkDrugs) then showDrugs = not showDrugs elseif (source==chkBooks) then showBooks = not showBooks elseif (source==chkClothes) then showClothes = not showClothes elseif (source==chkElectronics) then showElectronics = not showElectronics elseif (source==chkOther) then showOther = not showOther elseif (source==chkEmpty) then showEmpty = not showEmpty
  11. Hey guys, I've been having some problems in this Ghetto Blaster menu, when you right click on it, it opens, but when you click 'Close Menu' it does not remove it, and then the ghetto blaster stays on. Serverside: local function updateWorldItemValue(item, newvalue) exports['anticheat-system']:changeProtectedElementDataEx(item, "itemValue", newvalue) mysql_free_result(mysql_query(handler, "UPDATE worlditems SET itemvalue='" .. newvalue .. "' WHERE id=" .. getElementData(item, "id"))) end function toggleGhettoblaster(item) local state = tonumber(getElementData(item, "itemValue")) if state > 0 then, "turns the Ghettoblaster off.") else, "turns the Ghettoblaster on.") end updateWorldItemValue(item, -state) end addEvent("toggleGhettoblaster", true) addEventHandler("toggleGhettoblaster", getRootElement(), toggleGhettoblaster) function changeTrack(item, step) local current = getElementData(item, "itemValue") if current > 0 then current = current + step if current > #tracks then current = 1 elseif current < 1 then current = #tracks end updateWorldItemValue(item, current), "retunes the Ghettoblaster.") end end addEvent("changeGhettoblasterTrack", true) addEventHandler("changeGhettoblasterTrack", getRootElement(), changeTrack) Client Side: local sound = false local made = false function checkForInterior() if ( (getElementDimension(getLocalPlayer()) == 1292) and not made ) then setRadioChannel(7) made = true elseif ( getElementDimension(getLocalPlayer()) ~= 1292 and made ) then setRadioChannel(0) made = false end end setTimer(checkForInterior, 1000, 0) blasters = { } function startGB() local itemValue = tonumber( getElementData(source, "itemValue") ) or 0 if itemValue > 0 then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(source) local px, py, pz = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) if (getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, px, py, pz)<300) then local sound = playSound3D("ghettoblaster/" .. tracks[itemValue].file, x, y, z, true) --local sound = setRadioChannel ( tonumber( 3 ) ) blasters[source] = sound setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 20) if (isPedInVehicle(getLocalPlayer())) then setSoundVolume(sound, 0.5) end end end end function stopGB() if (blasters[source]~=nil) then local sound = blasters[source] --setRadioChannel ( tonumber( 0 ) ) stopSound(sound) blasters[source] = nil end end function elementStreamIn() if (getElementType(source)=="object") then local model = getElementModel(source) if (model==2226) then startGB() end end end addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamIn", getRootElement(), elementStreamIn) addEventHandler("onClientElementStreamOut", getRootElement(), stopGB) addEventHandler("onClientElementDestroy", getRootElement(), stopGB) function dampenSound(thePlayer) for key, value in pairs(blasters) do setSoundVolume(value, 0.5) end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), dampenSound) function boostSound(thePlayer) for key, value in pairs(blasters) do setSoundVolume(value, 1.0) end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleExit", getRootElement(), boostSound) function toggleSound(dataname) if isElementStreamedIn(source) and getElementModel(source) == 2226 and dataname == "itemValue" then local state = getElementData(source, "itemValue") if state > 0 then stopGB() startGB() else stopGB() end end end addEventHandler("onClientElementDataChange", getResourceRootElement(), toggleSound)
  12. Thanks so much dude, It works.
  13. Thanks again, for the help. And again. [2004-01-09 03:32:47] WARNING: chat-system\s_chat_system.lua:1963: Bad argument @ 'getElementData' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2004-01-09 03:32:47] ERROR: chat-system\s_chat_system.lua:1964: attempt to concatenate global 'message' (a nil value) Line 1963: helper = tonumber(getElementData(v,"helper")) Line 1964: outputChatBox("(( [GOOC] (" .. playerID .. ") [GameMaster] " .. playerName .. ": " .. message.." ))",arrayPlayer, 255,228,196,true)