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  1. Hey all. I need some help with my texture vgehshade01_lvs.txd / client script. I have a texture for the shades// but 1 shade is working and that is the: vgncarshade1.txd but id did the same with the vgEhshade01_lvs.txd.. and that one doenst work.. and i don''t understand why. Here is the client script: function txdClient () tekstura = engineLoadTXD("vgEhshade01_lvs.txd") engineImportTXD(tekstura, 8838 ) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, txdClient ) function PAwloClient () tekstura = engineLoadTXD("vgncarshade1.txd") engineImportTXD(tekstura, 3458 ) e
  2. Hey all. i got a problem with a gamemode.. the ""zombiegamemode"" i got it from the mta recourses. * http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=2405 * i set the gamemode @ "Gamemodes"" en set the zombiegamemode in the ACL group.. But when i go to the server. in open my admin panel -TAB: recourses. and searching for zombiegamemode.. He said.: Failed to load. i have no idea what the problem is.. so i hope sombody can help me out with that problem.! Thanks.. Greetz Markoes.
  3. hey what happend to gameserver4you.? my servers ar offline.. and i cant get tru the website.? any information about that.?
  4. haha.. because i don''t now where to put it . ok wait i found this en typed this line: nextmapdisplay = dxText:create('NextMap: ', 3, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.2, 'bankgothic'), false, 'bankgothic', 0.6, 'left'), fadeCamera(false,0.0) -- create GUI local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() g_dxGUI = { ranknum = dxText:create('1', screenWidth - 130, 140, false, 'bankgothic', 2, 'right'), ranksuffix = dxText:create('Alive', screenWidth - 80, 140, false, 'bankgothic', 1), checkpoint = dxText:create('0/0', scr
  5. Srry.. this is better.!! g_Root = getRootElement() g_ResRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) g_Me = getLocalPlayer() g_ArmedVehicleIDs = table.create({ 425, 447, 520, 430, 464, 432 }, true) g_WaterCraftIDs = table.create({ 539, 460, 417, 447, 472, 473, 493, 595, 484, 430, 453, 452, 446, 454 }, true) g_ModelForPickupType = { nitro = 2221, repair = 2222, vehiclechange = 2223 } g_HunterID = 425 g_Checkpoints = {} g_Pickups = {} g_VisiblePickups = {} g_Objects = {} addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', g_ResRoot, function() g_Players = getElementsBy
  6. ok i just try it. but it doenst work for me.... Can sombody maby please make/set an example for me here.? ( off the script). thx.
  7. Hi there. i have a small question.. i know i am noob. but. the question is.... if you play in a dm/dd server.. you can see the map name on the botom on the left corner. right but sometimes you can also see the next map.. what brings to my qeustion..how i display the next map in the game.? So like this: Map = balblablabla Nextmap = blablablabla and what script must i wright it/ and what must i wright.? srry for my bad english .!!! anyway thanks for the help..
  8. Hi there. So i am looking for a scripter for my server.! I want first want to script in my own. but i am not good in scriptingxD buw what i want in the server.. First of al its a race DM/DD server and i want it make it profesional.. but that''s hard because i don''t have a good scritpers.. first what i want is the Login panel.. With functions: login,register and geustmode.. and i wnat it big.transparent bg blue black. and on top offcourse the logo of my clan/sever. second thing = a client panel.. in the client pannel i want a shop for maps,car/light collors,tuning shop(example for wheel
  9. Hi I have a own server.Its a DM/DD race server. and i want to make it a pro server. but there is a problem. i am not a good scripter so that''s a little bit shity... so my quastion is.. if someone here. want to make a script for me..Offcourse i know it will cost some money. but i want to know how much. so let me explain what i want so you guys can give a idea of the price. i want that the menu on the bottom..bg color black blue gradient.. and the text Blue if they match..in the menu i want a car collor shop,car light shop,Map shop, maby if its a option a rating for maps,user details,password
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