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  1. Is there still any support for this? I really need something to get fixed/done but I got a problem doing it. It all seems alright. The destination is placed fine, dimensions etc alright, teleport marker is linked and working. The problem is just that it doesn't teleport me to destination. It teleports me to a high altitude on the sea in the nothing... Please reply!
  2. It appears,but it doesnt move -.-
  3. thank you. will try tmmrw.no time left. And what if i want other numbers?i mean another position and else... Edit: *what is what in the script.lua
  4. i am under time pressure. Please just say what to do step by step on your own ...
  5. and what to do with that now?
  6. Hey i search the ID of the LSPD Entrance build. Its like id 8407 but its enterable. Its in singleplayer,there when you want to enter the Garage Area of LSPD Pls reply.i need it very quick
  7. its gatemakeR and it uses,but if i dont give it a Team,it uses my Team as default. But my question is how to put the code in a script,so it is seeable and usable
  8. i started gatemaker and did /addgate id and then i placed it and then pressed enter and then placed where it has to move and then enter and then where the collision area has to be... and then the code were in that file.and NOW what to DO with THAT code???
  9. i TOOK it from there...
  10. where in gates.xml? will it create its own script then?
  11. it doesnt have what myonlake?
  12. Hey guys. I am rlly helpless. I made a Gate with gatemaker and now i have this code <gate x="277.03125" y="189.408203125" z="1007.171875" rx="0" ry="0" rz="0" x2="280.03125" y2="189.408203125" z2="1007.171875" rx2="0" ry2="0" rz2="0" objectID="974" team="false" collisionx="272.1728515625" collisionY="183.5166015625" collisionZ="1009.171875" collisionSize="10" raising="0" interiorID="3"></gate> Where the HELLA fuck to put it in and HOW the hella fuck. PLEASE help me. i am rlly new here and to scripting/mapping. Can i put it in a map too?or a lua script. how to put it
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