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  1. Hi there, I did a page documentation of one cpp file with it's 15 functions, what do you think, is it good? CAdditionalVertexStreamManager
  2. Yes, you're right about this. I completely forgot about it. If i want an idea to get going, I should contribute as well. I'll take your idea of grabbing function names and their parameters to at least start the base of documenting the MTA code I just have to figure out how everything works on Wiki, to not mess it up. I'll post updates here when I add some stuff to Wiki.
  3. What is stopping me from documenting this stuff? Lack of knowledge perhaps? Great, so you did some documentation back there, that's pretty great, so since you feel proud for doing that page, why don't you document more stuff then? (Uh please don't get this sentence like I'm trying to personally fight with you, I'm not). The people who currently work/contribute to the project certaintly know lot of code of it what it does, or what it probably does, it's easier for someone who already has the knowledge to document a function, rather than telling someone of zero knowledge of it like me to do it
  4. I have no idea what the hell is your problem, I see you've barely read my posts, you probably just read some sentences and took them out of context to look bad. Where did I blame MTA Developers for lack of documentation, or even forced them to do any massive documentation? I have suggested that anyone could contribute to making documentation of MTA code, they don't have to be from MTA Team, they could be even random people. I didn't say that they are egoistick dickheads, I said that Arran portrayed them that way, because many requests get denied just because they can be done by
  5. I was just waiting for someone to say this. "We are MTA Team, we have a huge ego, you should oblige us, screw you if you have requests, your request can be done in a very harder way, so why should MTA Team make it easier for you?" - This is exact thing what you're portraying right now. If you'd have read my post, you'd have seen that I've said that it could be done over time, not instantly right now. Throughout time file by file, or document by document could be documented. Those 17 pull requests are mostly sitting there, some of them get included over time. There would be way more pull
  6. Good to hear that there is already pretty enough documentation to get started. I've checked the source code for a bit, and found out like I thought that there are lots of files e.g related to animations, but you can't really guess which one does what just from looking at names, you need to take a look on the code as well to get more into it. It would be cool though if at least some important files which are big or are constantly used if they at least could be documented on Wiki since there are thousands of files back there. If someone did a little youtube series on coding for MTA that might ev
  7. Hello I would like to propose an idea. My idea is that MTA's full source code gets documented on Wiki. It might be a hard job to document everything, but there's no rush, it could go little by little until someday the whole source code is explained on wiki. Also there could be an introduction page where is explained how to compile mta by yourself, and how to do your first function, and so on (Similar how scripting introduction page explains Lua scripting) The reason why I'm proposing this idea is because contributing to MTA's codebase seems a bit too hard, and not very explained in m
  8. can anyone help plz ?? i dont know what to check on performance browser to see what use my fps alot ...
  9. hello im having fps drops for unknown reason while using my gamemode, i didn't find anything useful on performancebrowser, what do i do? how do i detect what is causing fps drops in my scripts?
  10. this myth true ?? like 4096 slots vs 128 slots, will 4096 slots take more ram of server ??
  11. Oh god. @naser that is same code and it wouldn't work @dimos that's the same code with an error, using serverside function in client event (which also is unnecessary because the player is dead for sure) @dakilla i'm in a vehicle, i wouldn't make this topic if i weren't in a vehicle, why would i even want to destroy an un-existant vehicle anyway?
  12. addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",root, function() destroyElement(getPedOccupiedVehicle(source)) end ) this doesn't work it says expected element at argument 1, got boolean can someone explain why this most easiest code in the universe doesn't work? i guess getPedOccupiedVehicle returns false when driver is dead, is there any workaround for this?
  13. xTravax

    PC Gaming Rig

    How much was the customs? (Croatian: carina)
  14. Didn't find it there. I thought that this was in oop or something because of ':' stuff. I will keep digging because i'm not using the default race gamemode, and this allign function could help me a lot. Anyway, thanks. If I run into some kind of problem, i'll make a post below. edit: for anyone looking for that Vector3D function location, it's in _commons.lua file in race gamemode.
  15. It would work? I don't see where would ':' functions be defined though..
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