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  1. Guys, for the vol 1 this a good map, the track itself is not bad, well, who made ​​waves a great track?
  2. Good map! Good job!Good deco!
  3. EDOS

    Rafinha's Maps

    Micra, who said that I could not put it maps?
  4. EDOS

    Rafinha's Maps

    Rafinha v11 - Black & Yellow III [DM] Rafinha v10 - Skrillex [DM] Rafinha V9 - The Evolution [DM] Rafinha V8 - Black & Yellow II [DM] Rafinha v7 - Luis Boss of The Traffic [DM] Rafinha V6 - New Divide [DM] TulioTC FT. Rafinha - Running Is My Life ! [DM] Rafinha FT. TulioTC - Running Is My Life II [DM] TulioTC FT Rafinha Running Is My Life III [DM] Rafinha ft. SebaS - Merry Christmas [DM] Rafinha ft. SebaS - Skrillex II [DM] Rafinha ft. BaTTaNiK - Skilled Dune [DM] Rafinha ft. RaceXtreme - Brazil [DM] Rafinha ft. Rock - Empire R
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