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  1. hey i all. i created race server with my friend but we have problem then map starts he need to download map all over again and over and over downloading again. Anyone could help me ?
  2. i have problem with script what add money every 10sec function addMoney () setElementData(source, "rpg.money", getElementData(source,"rpg.money") +10) end setTimer ( addMoney, 10000, 0) server error: attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value.
  3. i remember that in video was 2 person and just one was scaled
  4. yes i know this scale but doesn't scale player
  5. hi i have question how to scale player ??? to make it smaller or bigger i have sow it on youtube. Thanks for answers !
  6. I have problem then player hitmarker it open gui for all players how to fix that ??
  7. and other question i make this : setTimer(function() player = getRandomPlayer() x, y, z = getElementPosition(player) model1 = createObject(1654,0,0,0) outputChatBox(player.." become BOMBER!") if ( model1 ) then -- if it was created exports.bone:attachElementToBone(model1, player,3,0,-0.18,0.125,0,180,0) setTimer(kaboom, 5000, 1, player) end end, 10000, 0) this don't show text and doesn't add bomb
  8. yes i maked 2 explosions before you posted
  9. this works good thanks!! Edit: i have question then i create explosion is there any way to make is stronger becouse any explosion don't kill from hit
  10. Hi i started new project gamemode so have some problems. Here my script: I get error : Bad argument @ setTimer expected function 1 got nil
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