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  1. i don't think you can do it...
  2. Paper


    For the first release i'm not using any animation, but in future releases i think i will implement some of them
  3. Paper


    I'm making a gamemode similiar to race but you are on foot and you have to use the parkour style to reach the final checkpoint, but actually it's in pause, i'm at 35% of development
  4. Paper

    Need help.

    local sondID function startMusic() setRadioChannel(0) song = playSound("music"..songID..".mp3",true) outputChatBox("#ffffff* #C0FF3ETurn on/off Music Using #FFFFFF\"M\"",255,255,255,true) end function makeRadioStayOff() setRadioChannel(0) cancelEvent() end function toggleSong(player, command, songID) if not songID and type(songID) == "number" then if not songOff then setSoundVolume(song,0) sondID = nil songOff = true removeEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch",getRootElement(),makeRadioS
  5. Paper

    Need help.

    You have to add the mp3 file in the meta.xml and add a command like /playsong [1/2/3] where 1-2-3 are the song's id
  6. I don't like it but... nice one
  7. Oh, my bad... i wrote this fast so i could not review it
  8. Simply: compatibleMaps=exports.mapmanager:getMapsCompatibleWithGamemode(getThisResource()) for index, map in ipairs(compatibleMaps) do nubCP = #getElementsByType(map, 'checkpoint') end
  9. Can you explain better your problem?
  10. Mhh assomiglia molto a un pannello creato da Nextreme Comunque... puoi dirmi di preciso qual'è l'errore che ti da nel debugscript?
  11. I don't need this script because i will use this function in the gamemode... Anyway i solved in another way, thanks anyway
  12. Exhaustive anserw... why it's not the same?
  13. I think it's the same thing this: exports.mapmanager:getMapsCompatibleWithGamemode(getThisResource())
  14. I should add this line in the map's meta? In the race maps i don't see any line that includes race resource
  15. You mean the folder name? Yes it's "blabla"
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