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  1. We have a very unique character funding request system. All it is, is a request to receive stats to fit your character's story. There are obviously limitations and certain restrictions, but this allows anyone to avoid doing the city hall jobs for hours and hours and just start RPing and having fun.
  2. The problem with MTA is not the mod, it's the community in general. We all know that, it's obvious. I see plenty of posts, people blasting other new communities that their a copy of vG, that they are not original. Everyone is asking for a new roleplay server, a new original one. Well, I've launched an entirely new Roleplay server with a new script, under a strong 850 member community. We have a stable server, but why won't the players come? I mean, it's what everyone seems to want. A new script, a new original server who's not a copy of vG. I can guarantee that we have nothing in common with v
  3. Filip

    My SQL Problems.

    Already have it, and linked.
  4. Had this problem before, and now I have it again. Well, I'm changing the hosting for my server and I've got the same issue as before. I keep getting the following error: [2012-06-13 02:37:35] ERROR: sql\sql.lua:13: attempt to call global 'mysql_connect' (a nil value) [2012-06-13 02:37:35] ERROR: sql\sql.lua:50: attempt to call global 'mysql_query' (a nil value) [2012-06-13 02:37:35] ERROR: call: failed to call 'sql:query' [string "?"] All the information in my sql.lua is entered correctly. I've added the IP to the remoteSQL in the Cpanel. So what is causing this problem?
  5. Still new to scripting. Hope you can understand not everyone is as good as you guys.
  6. Hello, would any of you be so kind to tell me the script that changes the gamemode from MTA:SA to Roleplay. Thanks kindly!
  7. Neither was I asking you to script for me. That's why I posted a thread on the MTA forum so everyone can see.
  8. The specifics can be discussed through PM's. Also, if you're a good lua scripter, you shouldn't have any troubles doing what I ask for. As for the script, I own a very stable one. I don't intend on being another vG rip off.
  9. Hello there, I'm hiring a scripter that has advanced knowledge of Lua and that is able to create his own scripts from scratch. My goal is to create more interactive scripts for my roleplay server. I work by pay per project. When you create the script and I see that it works, you get payed. Simple as that. Here are my requirements : - Advanced knowledge of Lua - 16 years of age or older - A brief portfolio with previous work - Is contactable during the week Send me a PM if you're interested.
  10. Lol, I'm dumb. Thanks man!
  11. local employee = nil function createEmployee( res ) employee = createPed(-2035.0927, -117.4863, 1035.1718) setPedRotation(employee, 267) setElementInterior(employee, 3) setElementDimension(employee, 6) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, createEmployee) So, every time I put in the right coordinates for the ped, and the right Rotation, interior and dimension. It doesn't create a ped for me. Some help would be nice. Thank you!
  12. Hey, I'm browsing through a lot of hosting services and yours seems the most interesting for me. I'd like to know, from your plans, what do you recommend me getting for a roleplay server. I don't want any crashes or lags of course. And I've got a pretty high budget. Thanks, Phil.
  13. Well the thing is, like most of everyone here said it already, most servers who start up are owned by kids. And you're completely right, they want to make it for the wrong reasons. I see everyone always whining about what is wrong, but nobody actually does anything to change it. MTA is falling apart. I began roleplaying two years ago, it's not nearly as fun as it used too. People care more about getting admin then to enjoy roleplaying in a fun faction with a bunch of friends. Like [DKR]Oz said, MTA lacks creativity and uniqueness. But nothing is impossible.. don't get me wrong here. I hate see
  14. Filip

    Website designing

    I appreciate your reply. I don't have anything against negative comments, I encourage them as they make me better. What I don't appreciate is people making false accusations with all capital letters, like if it was something really bad. My website might look like a template, but I can assure you that it is not. Everything was done from scratch. After looking at my website, I do see one english mistake I did.. I put you're instead of your. Other then that, is my english really that bad? The reason I posted my thread was indeed to sell my services. That's the whole point of my company, to se
  15. Filip

    Website designing

    Relax... keep those comments out of here please. If anybody wants some screenshots of my work, add me on skype. The reason why the website is not finish is because we're adding more features to it, like a login, register and some more interactive stuff. We have other MTA gaming communities that we've worked for, if you don't trust me.. just contact the Arsenic owners. They will tell you.
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