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  1. So i removed some objects on the map editor with the new option and on the map editor it looked nice and my map was working, now everytime i run it, i don't see the map ingame and i get an error saying "ERROR: Client (Nickname) triggered serverside event requestLODsClient, but event is not added server" I just checked and it is added on the server side. Client Side: -- FILE: mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.lua -- PURPOSE: Prevent the map editor feature set being limited by what MTA can load from a map file by adding a script file to maps -- VERSION: RemoveWorldObjects (v1) AutoLOD (v1)
  2. Alright i've done it, thanks a lot and sorry for bothering.
  3. I made it that i can disable each button, but the problem is that i can use the other buttons. How can i disable every button at the same time?
  4. I tried with setTimer, but i didn't understand that much about it, i tried to make it in client side but it didn't work. Could you explain how i should do it for a GUI?
  5. Another thing Castillo, how do i make it that vehicles cannot open the GUI and that when a player presses the button he has to wait about 3 seconds for it to be "clickable" again. Sorry for bothering s:
  6. Thanks a lot Castillo, that fixed all my problems and you made the script much 'easier' to work with, sorry for bothering and thanks a lot for your time.
  7. I'm having these errors in debugscript 3, it says "ERROR: Server triggered clientside event hideVendorGUI, but event is not added clientside". I have checked it and it is added in clientside. What should i do?
  8. I'm working on a vendor script that has a lot of markers, i have been making it like this: function showVendor(hitPlayer) triggerClientEvent (hitPlayer,"showVendorGUI",getRootElement(),hitPlayer) end addEventHandler ("onMarkerHit",vendor2,showVendor) I did that with every marker and there's a lot of lines. My question is, is there anyway to make the markers with all the coordinates in one "thing" and then give that the function?
  9. That's showing random numbers on the screen, and i want it to show instantly not 5 secs after i shot him, what i need is to make that text show above the ped's head.
  10. Then how am i supposed to make the text display when the player is getting shot? I tried with onClientRender and nothing happens.
  11. Well, and how can i make it show above the player's head? With onClientRender it doesn't even show the text anymore.
  12. Hello there forum, I'd like to know how i could put some text above a player's head? I'm working on a damage display script, and i'd like to have it displayed above the player that's getting shot. local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize ( ) kill = {} addEventHandler("onClientPedDamage",root, function ( attaker, weapon) local lostHealth = "-" .. math.ceil(getElementHealth(source)) if ( attaker and attaker == localPlayer ) then if ( kill[localPlayer] ) then killTimer(displayTimer) end dxDrawText
  13. Hello there forum, I have been working on a small script, but i have some issues, those issues are, that when i shoot the ped it displays the text in the corner of the screen but the text doesn't stay there for even a second, everytime i shoot it displays and it's gone in a millisecond. Another thing, is that i have used "loss" i have been following some Wiki stuff to learn more about loss, but it seems not to show the real damage i have taken from the ped, it normaly shows 8, 7, etc. Shouldn't it show for example, with a 1 shot kill. "100"? I'd just like to know what i should use and the p
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