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  1. Could you guys maybe stop using all the stolen SAUR content? -Scripts, images and maps. We have no problem with competition, but this is just blatant copying... Thank you!
  2. Hey, I looked into HLSL support in MTA, it's a really cool feature but I noticed that it doesn't support multipass rendering. It would be really nice if multipass rendering was added as it opens up loads of new possibilities, e.g. shadow pass for dynamic shadows. So I was wondering if it's actually possible for multipass rendering to be added into renderware without having full source, and if so, are there any plans to (someday) add this to MTA?
  3. If they release the source code of the compiler, a decompiler can be made... Genius!
  4. -1 about the BOLD text. i also having server from gta-servers.net and its true that paypal is blocked in pakistan and i cant use it, even my dad is VP of my city. shigaware was giving 16 slots free servers, i tried my luck and i got one. i didnt cheated or anything. few pakistani's cheating, not everyone from pakistan. so, next time think before writing. i hope you get some warning for this. Maybe you should learn some more English. He said paki assholes, that doesn't mean he's saying that all pakistani people are assholes. What abxf IS saying, is that most of the people trying to abuse
  5. Have you ever bought a server from them?
  6. That's a very heavy accusation, I was wondering if you could back it up by proof.
  7. Yeah.... You might want to read before you actually post.
  8. Only 50 - 100 dollars for a FULL gamemode that's made from scratch? Haha!
  9. Use this function; https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetGroundPosition
  10. Sad that you quit the project. I was really looking forward to it.
  11. This is pointless, people can just abuse the system. Still a very cool idea though! A+ for effort?
  12. Looks amazing, good luck!
  13. Well, It can be in-game and in the web. I dont really care ;p Its sorta impossible to make it IG, and why not just use Filezilla? Impossible? Actually really easy... Make a GUI, with an edit box and send button. Tell them to just paste the .map in the edit box. Then send it to the server with triggerServerEvent, And have the server create the map with fileCreate(), and make the script edit the meta.xml, and make it restart the script to load the map to all clients. Done!
  14. Or you can just get a good gangsystem for free! https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=1514
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