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  1. We were talking about a new Q3 engine game ... And I didnt post here since 1753 damned
  2. Alex3305

    Start Game Error

    ofcourse !! use the Search button ! /Closed
  3. hmm aeron said something interesting today::
  4. its even suckier than last time Good job !! EDIT: n00000000000000000 all my sweet emoticons are gone !!!
  5. Lame bullshit ! I watched it and ....
  6. i heard some ppl of having black chat boxes in the client..
  7. LOL yeah Blokker you are right.. give a little, get a little
  8. good idea, but i thnk it is better if users can change there passwords..
  9. lol @ Blokker, but I even said it But i have also a quote: C ya when times fly by.. PS. Happy 2k5 !
  10. ehh maybe you can Reset the gamepath and then set it to GTAVC.bat ...
  11. Alex3305


    I think a newsletter is a good idea, we can e-mail a newsletter through the forum And I can do it if someone wants
  12. Cheaters are Cheap.. Cheat Weapons are Cheap Weapons !!!
  13. New BLAST(A) is Created... /closed
  14. There is a new Multiplayer Online Game launched at the IRC of Multi Theft Auto ! Join #idling @ irc.multitheftauto.com You can join it by registering your Nick Name /msg IRPG REGISTER to join the game - /msg IRPG LOGIN to log in - #Idling-chat - Come chat with us - Stats: http://mtairpg.tv2knet.net' So Join it and Play the Game.. For IRC you can download mIRC (http://www.mirc.com) - Alex3305 - The EmuMaster
  15. I ALT+Tab always.. But I am using CTRL+ALT+Delete with it ...
  16. Sometimes I wanna bee on a server with no ppl or just 1 or 2 ...
  17. Shall I make some more Status Icons for MTA or don't u wanna have that ?
  18. Can u set mine 88x31 banners on the site 2.. U know the one I've sended 2 u trought MSN..
  20. kewl, thank u but next time mail it to one of our Team-Members (Blokker or IJs) and don't post it here...
  21. Ok that would be kewl but only on LAN servers and Private servers... And not on open servers. So if this feature will be enabled that would mean that the server closes with a lock and u need a pass.. And that u have a max. mods.. So if u wanna have mods u can only have 3 or something
  22. Prolly Blokker ?? What is Prolly ???
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