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  1. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HUGE HELP! /sarcasm off I could help, if possible! But as it is not possible, try to give my simple opinion:] I believe that a new release almost every week is not the best thing to do! It precipitated the release of version 1.1, and 1.2 more ... better come and TAKE GOOD FAST and what you see ... DEFECTIVE since version 1.1 lost my FPS acceptable and I'm trying to get used to having no more than 45fps ... (looking down on maps "Race-Dm" I get amazing 15 FPS in heavier) I know that work for free and blablabla, so could take a little longer in updates and focus on fixing bugs (working for free of course would take longer to release new versions), optimize the game (parts that ultimately is what matters most to who plays), rather than to focus on new features (at this rate will create useless, do not create servers so do not dare say anything now) and new frills that ultimately may bring even more bugs ... 1.0.5 MTA miss that was lighter, simpler and more fun! (Old Times) wait about 5 months at least to the 1.4 release, if possible, it would be wise ... using a translator
  2. No lag (fps) solution? Cool, i will back to MTA 1.0.5 -.-'
  3. oh yes indeed share the same problem ... MTA seems to come every new heavier ... I still remember the "ease" of version 1.0. ... I hope to correct this problem ... thank you
  4. V3yRoN

    MTA:SA 1.2 Released!

    Yes, but you are suggesting that because this is a free mod, we are not entitled to the right to voice our opinions. Sure, everyone with a complaint could "go learn C++ and submit a patch", but that doesn't change the fact that in many people's eyes the quality of this release was sub-standard. Also, where in my post did I say that I was not grateful? I am very grateful for the work MTA has done, and I have donated some cash in the past. I partly agree with you, but only partly. I see lots of people complaining about ~10 FPS loss since 1.1 came out, but why don't we just wait for a bit? As for me, I don't have Windows and play on Ubuntu through Wine. And, you know, on 1.0.4 it used to be mostly 25 fps with drops to 17, now it's like more than 30, always. On the same settings and the same PC, which isn't so new btw. I'm one of those suffering from the fall of fps. I hope the new 1.2. solve the problem I got with the last 1.1.
  5. Olá a todos. Venho pedir ajuda para meu problema. Ultimamente, depois da ultima atualização mais especificamente, meu nootebook, que antes se saia bem em me manter acima dos 30fps em servidores de race, não consegue mais esse feito. O game sempre esteve no very low, e sempre rodava bem, e do nada onde antes eu não tinha lag, agora tenho. queria saber se há algumas medidas pra ganhar mais fps, entre elas um comando do tipo "/turnallshadersoff" (no EPG tem essa opção) e se também na ultima atualização da ver. 1.1 se houve algo novo que possa ter causado isso... e ou também uma configuração do MTA naquelas ultimas abas que eu nem sei quais os efeitos em deixar "auto" ou "on"... meu problema é so o FPS que está muito abaixo do normal, tornando injogável... muito obrigadoo (ps: já conheço game booster)
  6. V3yRoN

    MTA:SA 1.2 Released!

    aw nice i want more fps