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  1. Nice! Now it's work perfectlly! ) Thank you so much! You are for me best user and scripter on forum
  2. Yes, and country names too
  3. Ok, i have added to scoreboard_client.lua this code: elseif column.name == " Home" then dxDrawImage( topX+theX, y+s(1), 16, 11, content, 0, 0, 0, cWhite, drawOverGUI ) after line 739 because there i have added ping image... So, scoreboard is working but flags and country shortcut names not
  4. Oh.. wait... i ascertain that i haven't edited scoreboard_client but flags was working withnout code in scoreboard... i don't know why... Wait, i try to found code for scoreboard flags...
  5. Ok, but how? I'm not so good in lua scripting
  6. Thank you for responding but this code doesn't work I tried it as "server" and "client" side... Don't work EDIT: Castillo, i think you created code without country names.. I want with country flag and shortcut from country names... Example: " .. flag .. " CZ | PlayerName " .. flag .. " PL | PlayerName i hope if you understand
  7. joao1234: Double post was because my topic was old 1 day but without response... Hunterix: I don't know if i have error in debugscript i have many errors and warnings what spamming debugscript chat And yes, scoreboard is edited but there is not problem... I had it split (Flags and country "CZ","EU","PL" etc..) but I decided that I will try to give it to one scoreboard column but i don't know how
  8. Can someone help me? Do not ignore my topic please, i need a little help -.-
  9. Hello, i tried to put together script "Country and flags" to one scoreboard column but when i tried it, script doesn't work and i don't know why... Can you tell my where's is my mistake? or correct it for me I will be happy. There is script: exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn(' Home', getRootElement(), 1, 0.025) function showcountry() local flag = exports.admin:getPlayerCountry ( source ) local home = call(getResourceFromName("admin"), "getPlayerCountry", source) if flag and home then setElementDa
  10. Thank you very much for help I have yet to learn
  11. Hello, yes i'm noob in lua scripting. I created very easy script and it doesn't work here is code: function ukazKurzor() showCursor( true ) outputChatBox("#ffa500You pressed #ffffffF4 #ffa500and now cursor is #00dd00ENABLED!", thePlayer, getRootElement(), 255, 255, 255, true) end bindKey("F4", "down", ukazKurzor) function zakazKurzor() showCursor( false ) outputChatBox("#ffa500You pressed #ffffffF4 and now cursor is #ff0000DISABLED!", thePlayer, getRootElement(), 255, 255, 255, true) end bindKey("F4", "down", zakazKurzor) can you tell me why it doesn
  12. So can you edit it for me ? I will be happy, because my lua scripting is not so good... I'm learning..
  13. No but it don't work When player win, nothing happens
  14. Hello, i try to create one script like in TG (When player win, he will have in car colored triangles but it don't work Can you help me what is wrong? function DestructionDerby:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() if #activePlayers == 1 then executeCommandHandler("onPlayerDestructionDerbyWin",player, activePlayers[1]) triggerClientEvent ( "onWin", getRootElement(), activePlayers[1] ) triggerEvent ( "onPlayerDestructionDerbyWin", getRootElement(), activePlayers[1] ) end end function startClient ()
  15. Hello, so, I'm beginner in lua scripting and i need your help. If you know how can I create script which disable respawn on every map. I have on server so much map which have respawn and i can't download all maps and after one it opening and set respawn to 'none'. So i need create this script what disables respawn... I hope if you understand me (my english isn't so good) Thx for responding...
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