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  1. Bravo man prin asta ai dovedit cat de matur esti la 8 ani ! 10 waa! EPIC!
  2. Copiaza din nou crack-ul, asta m-a ajutat pe mine! Bafta!
  3. Sunt admin pe un server de race DM/DD de mai mult timp si cum am vazut ca putinele servere romanesti sunt o bataie de joc, cu admini care abuzeaza/triseaza am decis sa deschid eu un server mai decent, serverul are multe harti cunoscute dar si harti asa mai noob pentru incepatori sa prinda ritmul, serverul este hostat in germania24/7, garantat anti LAG! mtasa://
  4. 2GB, 5 servers? I recently bought a VPS and I have 1GB dedicated RAM used to host a MTA 1.3 server and in the Cpanel it says I used 50% of my RAM, make the math.
  5. This is my third server host company, now I bought a VPS, their server is down for 3 days and they dont want to refund my money, very sad thing.
  6. @HeHu you're so right about that Sir, I never get bored watching Formula 1 and I never get bored playing good DM maps!
  7. Yes, I already readed it, what it's wrong if I'll pay? You should read it too.
  8. I'm searching for a skilled scripter, need a race gamemode modification , anyone who has time contact me, I will pay for the work. Thank you!
  9. It is possible a refund? PS: your recover password doesnt work.
  10. So if I want a server I have to mail you to order one? Then wait days to activate, not nice.
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