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    No es necesario...
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    No es correcto pekio123... local papel, tinta, escritura function obj(thePlayer, cmd) if(papel < 1 and tinta < 2) then outputChatBox("No tienes los materiales necesarios.", thePlayer) return elseif(escritura == true) then outputChatBox("Tienes la mano cansada.", thePlayer) return end outputChatBox("Escritura.", thePlayer) escritura = true setTimer ( function() outputChatBox("Te recuperaste.", thePlayer) escritura = false end, 20000, 1 ) end
  3. Use a VPN proxy: -Hotspotshield -CyberGhost VPN (30 day trial) -and much more, just google for it
  4. function lasv () local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle( localPlayer ) local element = ( vehicle and isElement( vehicle ) ) and vehicle or localPlayer setElementPosition ( element, 1943, 1424, 73 ) end addCommandHandler ( "lv", lasv ) -------------------------------------------------
  5. Great tool! Speeds up the general procedure of compiling tons of scripts. There is just one thing I would be really thankful for: Give us the possibility of saving the file list! I really hate adding 50+ files by hand to the program after every reboot.
  6. I didn't expect that myself at first . (I forgot to remove "low" from my code) Anyways, you're welcome.
  7. I think I found the mistake: You need to remove old clothes before adding new ones of a different type. function onEnterVehicle ( theVehicle, seat, jacked ) for i = 1, 17 do removePedClothes ( source, i ) end addPedClothes ( source, "helmet", "helmet", 16 ) addPedClothes ( source, "glasses03blue", "glasses03", 15 ) addPedClothes ( source, "tshirtwhite", "tshirt", 0 ) addPedClothes ( source, "sneakerproblu", "sneaker", 3 ) addPedClothes ( source, "bbshortwht", "boxingshort", 2 ) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), onEnterVehicle, "low" )
  8. Which line (in your example) has a nil table index? (there is no line 57)
  9. Race might already have a handler onPlayerVehicleEnter. Therefore set the handler's priority to "low". This way you can ensure your code will be executed as last. Be sure you are using the latest nightly of MTA! ->http://nightly.mtasa.com/ addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), onEnterVehicle, "low" )
  10. The function isn't available neither on the client nor server side.
  11. Most likely there are two resources running at your server outputting each chat message onPlayerChat and afterwards cancelling the event. Could you tell us what gamemode you are currently using?
  12. Please post your mtaserver.conf.
  13. Could you post the exact message your server shows? (It is really hard to understand what your issue is)
  14. Wurdest du selbst gebannt oder möchtest du jemanden entbannen?
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    Es más difícil de lo que imaginas...
  16. Add the following to the end of your ACL: </acl> </acl>
  17. Press 'P' ingame as an admin, click the "Resources" tab, select "race" and click "Settings", look for "Admin group list", double-click and enter the following: "Admin,SuperModerator,Moderator". At the end just restart the race resource and Moderators will be able to do /redo aswell!
  18. Add the following line to the Admin ACL (after line 368): <right name="command.refresh" access="true"></right>
  19. Where is the rest of the code? I am 90% sure this is stolen.
  20. Every function must be closed with an "end". I highly advice you to use tabulators giving you a better overview. function nodamage(attacker, bodypart) if getElementType(attacker) == 'vehicle' then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer (),nodamage)
  21. setPlayerBlurLevel http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetBlurLevel
  22. I just asked you out because of curiosity. Nevermind, good luck with your hosting service!
  23. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Filepath -> Client file security