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  1. Sure, there are hundreds of hosting solutions. Furthermore there are extreme disparities in price, hardware and network connections. It would be also good to know what your maximum budget is and where you would like it to be hosted (German, France, US, bulletproof :trollface:). Compared to a VPS which is oversold in most cases it is surely faster and there should not be any lag on a dedicated server. Please, tell me your maximum budget first, then I will find you an option (from my personal experience).
  2. Do you actually have a 1GBit full duplex connection to your servers? Is your company registered in the EU, US or elsewhere?
  3. Dear MTA community moderators, the |FFS|Racing clan servers are being faked by an inofficial server called: |FFS|Racing Maps 24/7 |TRAINING| It is not an official server which uses maps that have been stolen by the help of an exploit. The FFS clan would really appreciate any help. The IP is: Help is appreciated. Best regards, -ffs-Sniper Leader of FFS Racing
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