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  1. [Suggestion] Full C++ Source Code Documentation

    While MTA might "only" have about 3-4 active developers left nowadays, it used to have a lot more than that during its existence for almost 10 years (even more when considering MTA: Race predecessor). Most of them just aren't around anymore and left development without any significant code documentation. Those who joined later definitely cannot be blamed for lack of documentation neither can they be held responsible/forced to start creating a massive documentation at this point. Implying MTA contributors are egoistic dickheads because Arran rejected your point is a very unfair thing to say - especially considering how this project is totally non-profit and yet requires almost full-time care by those who still are active to at least keep this thing stable, pretty much free of cheaters (kudos to ccw) and somewhat developing. MTA is and never was a super-organized project with massive organizations/foundations coordinating development like most open source projects in the Unix universe. If there are no resources available to create extensive documentation on MTA's source code over time then so be it. It is everyone's noble dream to one day create decent documentation but it is simply unreasonable with the current set of resources (apart from some basic guides on adding Lua functions or RE as stated by Jusonex). Question is: Why don't you take the chance and hook yourself up into this project to try solve the problem of documentation instead of complaining about well-known and obvious issues? In the end everyone involved nowadays had to work his way into this project from zero.
  2. Report community resources here!

    https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14318 Contains just a link to another forum with an illegal copy of FFS resources.
  3. Mouse cursor problem

    Temporary fix: Downgrade your MTA version. https://nightly.mtasa.com/mtasa-1.5.3-full_rc-11199-20170223.exe
  4. Mouse cursor problem

    The exact same issue started for me not more than 30 mins ago: Logitech G900 with 1600 dpi and 1% ingame sensitivity (dual monitor + windowed MTA). Mouse starts to "lag" as soon as MTA is started. Will try to reinstall MTA and see if it helps
  5. Mods not working anymore?

    Several players from FFS Gaming are reporting the same issue.
  6. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 released!

    First. MTA developers rock for keeping this mod alive for more than 10 years. Kudos @ccw @Jusonex @sbx320 @darkdreamingdan @all other (former) devs.
  7. recover wiki access

    Wiki account: -ffs-Sniper
  8. GTA V news and discussion!

    Nope. Never. And MTA will still be proudly around in the next few years. MTA is far from having been defeated by anything - simply because it is something very special in its own way that cannot be compared to GTA V Online in many aspects (Open Source, practically free, scripting API). P.S.: I totally second Anubhav's previous statement.
  9. Anti-Cheat Corner

    What is the point of SD #15? Can it prevent from ring0/kernel injections? Also, does MTA now have its own whitelist for d3d9.dlls? If so, which version/revision was that introduced with?
  10. DayZ Backdoor Give Admin

    Don't use pirated ("decompiled") versions of DayZ as they might be full of backdoors, outdated and flawed. We won't give you support for stolen code. Download the latest official release from here: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=67901
  11. Advanced Lua Encryption 2.0 [ALE 2.0]

    Ale is more to create a concept of what can be done, then it is to provide real advantage since there are simply limitations in MTA Lua. I have never claimed that the code was mine and yes I might have removed your credits in the Meta. However it seems a bit hypocritical since you are not crediting Vincent Rijmen & Joan Daemen. Seriously? Jusonex being hypocritical? You must be freaking kidding. There is a huge difference between intentionally removing someone's credits (credits to Jusonex are entirely missing) and leaving out a "license.txt" file of an encryption method that is so fundamental (still, Jusonex' MTA AES port did include credits to bighil's Lua AES port!). Most people don't bother garbaging their code with licenses of trivial Base/AES implementations anyways. ...trying to justify your own insolence by pointing at other people's (alleged) faults: HYPOCRITE DETECTED. Having to download/cache client files on each server join creates unnecessary data traffic and wait time. Yet, Ale is still obsolete given the fact MTA now has it's own built in AES encryption for client-side scripts (http://luac.mtasa.com/) - with its encryption being in the safest part of MTA: The closed-source netc.dll.
  12. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.4 released!

    Hoping for a stable (server and client-side) experience. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to Awesomium and/or native video playback support
  13. MTA DayZ - licencjonowanie

    Open DayZ to byly projekt jako alternatywa to MTA DayZ - jednak Open DayZ zostal rzucony. Wiecej informacji o MTA DayZ i oficialny download otrzymasz tutaj: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=67901 Aktualna licencje mozna znalesc w pliku license.txt z wersji "0.6 r292". Tam dokladnie pisze ze zdekompilowanie i modyfikacja kody source jest nie dozwolona.
  14. Reviving MTA:DayZ development. Support us!

    @DJ_Shocker: Most of the errors shown in your console can be ignored. Also, new updates are to be released after the website has been finished by Woovie. Don't panic, in the current state the gamemode is without a doubt playable and kinda stable.
  15. Reviving MTA:DayZ development. Support us!

    Due to christmas and new year celebration we couldn't continue working on the website. I expect it to be ready within the next 2 weeks, all information will be posted there soon.