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  1. GanJaRuleZ iam X-SHADOW You Happy Now ? my lua script is 50
  2. Thanx All i fixed it Thanx SoldSnake14 .: Topice Closed . :
  3. i also removed 1 cancelEvent and didnt work the same thing
  4. No Castillo. iam not increase My post i swear ! iam trying to help others
  5. Use this elseif currentWeaponID == 28 then cancelEvent()
  6. Same what i post i want if i give you TalkPower You Can Talk else if he write in nomal Chat Say You can write in team Chat Only
  7. first BUG is its type 2 times in Chat seconed Bug is when i take the Talk Power he can Write in Chat and the msg say you cant write here !
  8. lol i fixed it by this outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player) .. Nice to fix things by your self lol Thanx Again
  9. This well Make it in Arabic but you cant comapled the script then open the script in Np++ Make encoding in Encoding To UTF-8 -- > then Save it
  10. طيب وش الكلمه اللي تبي تمنعها عشان اسوي لك سكربت احسن من كذا لان هاذا ماعندي عنه اي خلفية
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