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  1. GanJaRuleZ


    Ehm , as far i know you must set that resource admin permissions Good luck
  2. GanJaRuleZ


    Ehm ? As far i know , you can't , because when no gamemode is loaded , than no map is loaded , so in the consquence your screen will be black .. Hope i helped
  3. Charlie_Jefferson , in caz ca nu ai observat , valhalla si-a lasat gamemode-u la vanzare. Deci nu e furat , asa ca mai taci "nici editat" , Pfai de capu tau sa stii cat o stat astia sa il faca sa mearga ca lumea , deci daca nu ai depus tu efortul , te rog frumos sa taci din gura , ca asa se cuvine Peace , sper sa nu te plangi dupa la mine , ca o sa ma doara hapt in spit.
  4. function getpos() local x,y,z = getElementPosition( source ) outputChatBox("Your position is : X ( " ..x..") , Y ( "..y.." ) , Z ( "..z.." )",source,255,0,0) end Hope this works -- Server side
  5. Why would i read something again ? Its like doing like this : functionlua1 functionlua2 functionlua3 functionlua4 ... functionlua20 Instead of for i=1,20 do lua[i] end Got it ?
  6. Actually Kenix , I readed that things pretty many times I just asked for a way of doing it , because i have no ideas in my head
  7. Kenix , i don't asked for sites where i can learn lua , i just want to know a way of doing it. If you don't understand it , please don't post
  8. GanJaRuleZ


    Hai allz , i tried to make smth , but it seems i cannot get something Here are the functions i used : function exit(thePlayer,matchingDimension) setElementData(thePlayer,"LocationTurf",none) -- I added a outputDebugString to see what it does return , it always returns another table addEventHandler("onColShapeLeave",turfC1,exit) ... function enter(thePlayer,matchingDimension,owner) setElementData(thePlayer,"LocationTurf",turf1) addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", turfC1,enter) ... function lol(playerSource) local turfToAttack = getElementData(playerSource,"LocationTu
  9. local time = 3000 -- Here put the time in miliseconds , in wich the admin will be removed : P local timesToExecute = 1 local account = getPlayerAccount(source) local accountName = getAccountName(account) aclGroupAddObject (aclGetGroup("Admin"), "user."..accountname) outputChatBox ( "#ffff00[" ..name .. "]:#C0C0C0 Has Bought #00ff00{ Add }", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 0, true ) setTimer( function () aclGroupRemoveObject(group,"user."..accountName) end , time , timesToExecute ) Just do like this
  10. But , how to make like these : I do command /switch ( switches the server ) ( Actually made it ) I want to output like this : ..Player.. went to the another server , do /switch to follow him. Now it outputs like this : ..Player.. left from server [ Quit ] So , i need to output a new message for each reason , i think i forgot to say it
  11. Hai there , i just wanna ask you if it can be done , to add/remove/modify any "quitType" from onPlayerQuit
  12. triggerEvent(arguments) or functionName(arguments)
  13. GanJaRuleZ

    some help

    Lol ? Why don't make your own ? Why ask us?
  14. Like this ? function teamGet() local team = getPlayerTeam(source) outputChatBox(team,source,255,0,0,true) end function skinGet() local skin = getElementModel(source) outputChatBox(skin,source,255,0,0,true) end addCommandHandler("team",teamGet) addCommandHandler("skin",skinGet)
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