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  1. RekZ

    [HELP]DFF Unlock

    I have a problem with blocked files, i cant use blocked files for replace model i dont known why but only blocked files give me error >-< i will try all the form you give us to repair my problem thanks :3
  2. RekZ

    Replace Error

    yeah i think that is the firts place but i test many and maaany models but nothing work, maybe there are only compatible with weapon models ?
  3. RekZ

    Replace Error

    Any way to repair the error of the next image? ( You can see how the replaced weapon doesnt charge properly and only appears as a shot ) happens when he replaced a normal mapping model with a weapon ( I clarify that only happens with some weapons )
  4. RekZ

    Lock DFF Error

    Many weapons work, the only weapons that doesnt work are locked, dont known why, but ifthere isnt any solution no problem
  5. RekZ

    Lock DFF Error
  6. RekZ

    Lock DFF Error

    the id isnt the problem i tried to use a custom object and happen what you see in the photo.
  7. RekZ

    Lock DFF Error

    what can I do if, when replacing a DFF, the object transforms into the next thing ( You can see the item in the ped hand like a "fire" ) I have assumed that only happens with blocked DFFs, there is a solution without having to unlock the DFF ?? ( i talk to the creator of the mod and the stupid only think that I want to steal the mod )
  8. RekZ

    Debug setting

    I wanted to know if there is a way to prevent players from using this client option on my server, since I have some very smart users use that option to disable some disadvantages in the server like textures or shaders that creates a lot of disadvantage between some players and others .. because obviously there are players who play legally. With the debug setting option I mean this that you can see in the photo.
  9. RekZ

    Debug Setting

    Queria informarme si hay alguna forma de evitar que los jugadores usen esta opcion del cliente en el servidor, ya que como tengo unos usuarios muy inteligentes y algo tramposillos usan esa opcion para desactivar varias desventajas en el servidor como texturas o shaders y la verdad es un poco pesado que por una opcion extra que tiene el cliente se cree un desbalance entre unos jugadores y otros.. porque obviamente siempre existe gente que juega legal. Con la opcion de "Debug Setting" me refiero a esto que podran ver en la foto la cual tampoco me deja insertar asi que dejo el link y ya.
  10. Gracias buen señor :3
  11. Se que esto lo hice muchas veces pero no me acuerdo de como hacerlo ahora mismo si dentro del a siguiente tabla solo quiero editar la "armadura" del jugador como hago para acceder solo a ese dato sin afectar al skin y la vida setElementData( jugador, "EstadoJugador", { skin = 2 , vida = 100 , armadura = 0 } )
  12. RekZ

    MTA Update problem

    My users have some problems update the MTA, i update my server to 1.5.5-13846 but if a player want to enter the MTA dont update the client and the dont have the last version so players cant enter, some players and me download the latest version in nightly.. but not all players know how to do it.
  13. RekZ

    Low Fps Problem

    and what proccesor you have, much Ram ?
  14. maybe you say this :3 see the example in the wiki
  15. getAccountPlayer maybe you can explain more