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  1. Making medics and their cars immune makes no sense to me. Medics in the single game are anything but immune. And ambulances are not invulnerable. Making 1 class immune is just going to attract the cheats and abusers to it and remove the fun risk of playing a "good guy".
  2. Condition_Red


    My own 2 cents: 1) This would make manhunt servers a joke. You just hotmap the target , hunt him down, win. 2) This turns free-for-all into me-getting-revenge-against-you and would allow cheaters to annoy one player over and over and over. Now for finding friends this would rock. Bu as it is I always encourage my friends to play on the same team as I.
  3. Hey I love this game. i am having DSL router problems setting up a server, but aside from that it rules. Oh and cheaters suck. You will always have my vote to add more anti-cheat protection.
  4. Peds has been discussed and discussed, use search , and basically unless a way presents itself to bypass the normal way Peds / cars are seeded this answer will always be no. And I have tried learning other languages. Knowing Russian doesn't make you right in exactly the same way knowing English doesn't make me raight. It's funny when someone judges themselves by one standard and everyone else by another.
  5. Insteadof Medic make the class focus Med-evac--hostile extraction. I mean, who would enjoy playing a defenseless decoy that cannot die? Most people who play VC and GTA3 want carnage, need some risk, because thats the kind of games they are. Only hackers and cheats seem to like living forever but they do enjoy killing things. So,Medic, starts at hospital with small weapons (handgun, basic shotty or small SMG) and normal health. Maybe you can make it so if a medic is drving an ambulance and someone gets in they get hit points every so often, aslong as the Medic stays driving? Just a thought.
  6. Immune is his name. Being immune is his game.Pause abusers, handling abuser, healer, you name it he does it.
  7. Yeah i am trying to set up a server and I can--and I can connect to it via IP but it doesn't show on ASE. Now Robpol186 I am confused by your post. I have my MTA:VC server set toport 2003. i have my admin set to 4003 and it works (I connected via admin tool and kicked myself from my server on another comp hehe). Do I have to do something special with port 2126 to get my server to show up on ASE? Set it to UDP too? Set it to forward? Beat it with a stick? The mind wobbles. But if I can set this last thing up (getting ASE to show me) I'll have a real for truly server. Then on to MIRC and som
  8. My problem... I can't log on to the official servers. i get "timed out"error every time
  9. Ok I have a DSL router and Windows XP. I have downloaded all tyhe mta server files and got them running, but no one can connect so... Two questions: 1) Where do I look to find my remote host IP for my router? I look under network LAN and I see DNS number, Default gateway number, subnet mask, etc.. I can find my local IP easy. Where is my remote host IP? 2) How do I open my ports (2003 for MTA server and another for admin) for UDP? And how do I check to make sure a port isn't in use somewhere else? UPDATE: I got it so people can CONNECT to my server via adding a new service with the in the
  10. Woot thanks... I'm new to this forums. Will use [search] From now on Oh and this tatally fixed it, thanks
  11. Yes I too get time out disconnected on the official sevrers. I am running Windows XP with the basic XP firewall. Could that be the problem? Aside from that I am on a DSL without a provider side firewall (I made them take me off the firewalled server cuz it messed up myping and bad almost everywhere).
  12. I downloaded the ASE installer from Fileseek and tried to run it. It gets to the part where it downloads the new files from the remote server and it hangs... and hangs... and blah. So i try to download directly from ASE's site--Udpsoft--and their download button doesn't work. Is there a way to get ASE's new files without relying on Udpsoft's apparently crappy servers??
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