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  1. 7ata men Sparrow wala ya7ki français lol moch 9otlk jebt 5 ?
  2. haw gadina topic: viewtopic.php?f=115&t=53484
  3. 9al chkoun 3andou server moch chkoun admin fi server & btw tnsmta.net is up
  4. chouf kol chay houni http://tnsmta.hebergratuit.com/index.php?topic=19.0 forum bech nhostiwh soon, ama server hosted deja
  5. ena w sckatchof w souma TNS: http://www.game-state.eu/ tnsmta.net
  6. ti 7ata houni be9i ta7kiw 3ala saoudi xDD win nemchi nal9ah
  7. SpriN'

    irc problem

    You did it while the server was running and without refreshing ACL? Oh lol it's ok now. I forgot that. thanks
  8. SpriN'

    irc problem

    I already did that, and nothing new happened.
  9. SpriN'

    irc problem

    I got this problem while setuping itc echo bot I am using this irc script: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ils&id=731 and I've only changed the setting.xml to my own irc confugations
  10. SpriN'

    need help

    lol I didn't thought it is so easy like that thanks.
  11. SpriN'

    need help

    I didn't meant that. I want when the taxi get spawned by a taxi driver the job starts I made it with onVehicleEnter and it works fine, but the taxi driver can enter any type of vehicle to start the job and I want it with Taxi only
  12. SpriN'

    need help

    Well, I made taxi job and I have a problem which is small bug I did function startJob ( playerSource ) ....... end addEventHandler ("onVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), startJob) but with that the taxi driver can enter any car the job will starts I wanna know if there's any way to make onVehicleEnter with specific vehicles only
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