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  1. IPv4 address : Serial: 401F3B7508DD40F71FB5E35EF8538702 2Dope or "Adam" is a known hacking, DOSing, Overall bad person. If your server is successful, You will get attacked. Add this information to your Banlist.xml. and be sure to add this IP to your firewall to prevent him from DOSing you.
  2. Do you know anything about having an x64 bit?
  3. Is there any requirements? .NET or anything?
  4. could it be that my SE doesnt work either?
  5. Yes. there is a meta.xml. It doesnt work with any of my resources. Not sure why.
  6. The primary goal here was to be able to get all the resources zipped very fast and effectively. Not to compress just the client side files.
  7. I dragged and dropped one folder onto it. Do I drag the contents of the folder onto it?
  8. I am a total retard. how am I supposed to use it? ....:::: ResourceZipper by 50p ::::.... Zipping resource: C:\Users\austin\Desktop\http\mods-system There was a problem with zipping the resource: at ZipResource.ResourceZipper.Zip(String resourcePath) at ResourceZipper.Program.Main(String[] args)
  9. I cant just do something like zip -R */* or something?
  10. I need help with zipping resources. I am the scripter of an RP server. and as you may know, in roleplay servers. there are MILLIONS of files. and hundreds of resources. How do I zip the contents of the folders. without having the path. So. zip.zip contents of resource instead, what I get is. zip.zip folder contents of resource. Anyone know how to do this on windows or linux?
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