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  1. So why have i heard about GTATournement? what is it?
  2. I have runerrors 10047 and 10057 to, but i heard that's only if u have win XP pro w/SP1
  3. Is there an MTA For VC as well?
  4. I have XP pro... i think this ver. isn't compatible with the new XP and win2000 we just need to wait and c how can they fix it
  5. My man, i have the real same thing, and when i try to update it sais gta3.exe -> Unknown Version, if it's like this then i need the solotion 2
  6. Still won't work... but nevermind, i'll open a topic about it...
  7. I used ASE, and tried even just putting myself the full ip:(
  8. Hello, I have GTA3 and mta 3.0, now when i try to play mta, it loads ok, but then when i click on connect to server it gives me an error... "Run-time error' '10057': Socket is not connected" i heard that the problem is in my firewall... now i have D-link DI-704P, And i got this site from a friend, but after I followed the instroctions it still won't work.... what's the problem :'> P.S: sorry for my bad english
  9. I have a D-link Router, i donno if it was a firewall, if does how do i turn it off or somehing like that that it will work? It's a DI-704P
  10. Run-time error' '10057': Socket is not connected WTF?!?!?!?!?
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