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  1. The v3 was way better and more innovative. Anyway the map is cool.
  2. Too dark record...good map anyway.
  3. Simply all maps has illegal contents themself (all maps has music). So before starting talking about copyright use your head.
  4. Ye i know, but anyways the script doesn't work for me. I don't know why when i start it nothing happens.
  5. Sorry for upping the post, but is better then creating a new one for the same thing. Does this work i put a custom aclGroup instead of Everyone? I tried and it didn't work. Any solution/possiblities? Thanks for answers.
  6. As decos probably the best map ever created.
  7. Can you put another download link?
  8. Will it be released as previous ones?
  9. Downloaded...tomorrow i will test it...
  10. Just rotate the object to the other side and then it would be fine...
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