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  1. Oke can you tell me they good section then ? Im here not very long at the forum
  2. Hello, I have an problem with IMGtool 2.0. Because if i open GTA3 and i want to replace an file i have the next error: I/O error 32 If i press oke then he begins to load and he never stops loading so he dont replace the file. I already have download IMGtool again but its the same story... Pleas help me
  3. If you first read my text... I follow the instuctions but if i start MTA or GTA it is gonna close?? Sorry for late reply i try to update now
  4. I already have that script but its the same story... Every time i want to join a server my whole MTA is closing.
  5. Hello anyone: I want to know how i can place this mod: I follow the instuctions but if i start MTA or GTA it is gonna close?? Who can help me?
  6. Yes i have server side but it dont takes money and give it to antoher person
  7. It doesnt work because if i give someone money the person dont received the money and by me there has no money been depreciated. And i have to write the whole name:P But the beginning is there and i want to thank you for that!
  8. Yes something like that but then with a code las i said in my first reply.
  9. Hello anyone, I want to make an script in which you can transfer your own money to antoher player with an code like this: /Transferto [playername] [money] An example: /Transfer Sjon 2000 So first there must be 2000 of your money depreciated and that money goes to Sjon And i also want something in which you dont have to write the whole name with that character like #FF0000Sjon Who can help me?
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