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  1. hoffman0070


    I dont know if this is the right place but i would like to know how i can see the commands people have entered and what file they would go into (Even commands where you have to be admin) so i know if anyone is abusing. also is there a way i can see all executable commands?
  2. hoffman0070


    in what file would the commands people have entered be in or cant you look at that?
  3. i want to remove what its posting in the chat... im confused here is the client.lua --------------------------------------------- --MTA:SA Radio Player mady by Crazy (community - crazyserega1994, forum CrazyDude, irc CrazyDude) --Commands: --/radio - shows/hides radio controls --/vol_up,/vol_down - volume control --/stopsound - stops the sound ---------------------------------------------- nilSound = { ["meta"] = {}, ["length"] = 0, ["pointer"] = nil, ["stream_title"] = nil, ["url"] = nil, ["row"] = nil } currentSound = nilSound function sound
  4. so where do i put that? in the cliant.lua? and do i only put that or do i have to put something after it?
  5. i have the radio-player script for my server but the radio chnages the title avery song and it just spams the chat. How can i stop it from having access to the chat?
  6. Hello there, there are errors on my server and i don't know what they mean or how to fix and i was hoping that you could look at the logs and help me out. server log http://pastebin.com/rUiUNh5J editor_Server log http://pastebin.com/SBfk0GVb Thanks in advance
  7. hoffman0070

    No servers

    Help, it was all fine until I formatted my pc, now no servers show up after clicking refresh and I don't know why. I've never had this problem before
  8. no thats not what i mean, i mean i have a script that only the cliant using it can see, i want to change iit so every one can see but i dont know how to script it so what the client does gets sent to server then so his acions are sent to the rest of the clients in the server.
  9. I have a script that allows you to record you movement, at the oment it is only visible by yourself, im trying to make the client.lua and server.lua but im realy not understanding it. can someone please help me out and tell me how i can me the line left be hind the car seen by all. i have no script so i cant show
  10. hoffman0070

    Help problem

    i think its fixed now
  11. hoffman0070

    Help problem

  12. hoffman0070

    Help problem

    i done the xml thing but it didnt work i try pastebin
  13. hoffman0070

    Help problem

    that line is already there, shall i put my acl here, and what acl should it be, im mapping with friend in my server, would it be editor_acl.xml or acl.xml
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