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  1. Hashed, not encrypted. It's not good enough without being salted. Most users will use common words and maybe some numbers and so without salt they will be very vulnerable. What's happened has happened, I just want to know.
  2. Were passwords salted, I'm slightly worried by the post not mentioning it that they weren't?
  3. From my tests you get audio played directly out of the speakers as if you were viewing the webpage normally. Might be nice to have the audio as an element so that we can play it 3D or to speakers as we wish.
  4. Just tested and it is really awesome. Just made a really quick control system for the 3D example and added a PC next to it (http://pastebin.com/XQ8dUdtu). So much potential here but I do feel the request system is not needed and makes it more difficult to let users browse the web unless there is a wildcard option. Really great work, can't wait for keyboard support and a release of some form at some point. Thanks.
  5. Awesome, really nicely done. Personally I don't think the room for abuse is as big an issue. Servers can already load any image onto the server and can download these via the web so I'm not sure this would bring any new problems. Just my opinion.
  6. Is there a best practice for upgrading servers or is it a case of copying all files other than conf and db files?
  7. When you want a whole number between 1 and that number you only need to specify one argument in math.random. So here it would be math.random(100) instead of math.random(1, 100). If it only gets one argument it takes it as an upper value and uses 1 as the lower value. http://lua-users.org/wiki/MathLibraryTutorial
  8. If you mean the default MTA accounts and internal SQLite databases then its not going to be possible to have two servers share one at the same time. When the server starts it locks down the database so it can only edit it itself and therefore two servers can not access it at the same time. You would have to use a custom MySQL setup to allow two servers to access the database at the same time.
  9. Not unless you want to create a full HTML parser I am afraid. Closest option I would think of would be serving images of the page via some sort of server and showing that in a GUI but it would also be hard work and not a very good solution.
  10. Wish I spoke another language and wasn't such a useless sod now
  11. How can I get all online players from a server via PHP. There must be a default way because there are services such as game-monitor.com that do this and dont require extra scripts. Getting the page from one of these services and cutting it down to just the playernames works but is quite a big workaround. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. No, I only want it to run for players if in a car or not. The problem is that otherwise it is checking loads of player only things on the cars that get spawned within the col and cars that the player drives into the col that give warnings. I think I was right at first and must have just made a small mistake somewhere. So this: function aFunction( element,dim ) if getElementType ( element ) == "player" then -- check if player hit colshape --Do something end end addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", aCol, aFunction ) Will only run the code if the element hitting
  13. It should only run for players but I tried "player" as well. What I need to do is stop it from running for vehicles. I thought players counted as peds though. And am I right in thinking that when you enter a col in a vehicle both the vehicle and the player hit the col separately as the player is still another element.
  14. Thanks that's really great. Just one last question though, I cant get getElementType to work. My code is like so: function aFunction(sourcePlayer) if getElementType ( sourcePlayer ) == "ped" then Do something end end addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", aCol, aFunction ) But nothing is get recognised as a "ped" whereas if I comment out the end and the if statement it runs fine (I need it to stop warnings when a non ped goes through the col). Am I doing something wrong in this snippet or should I be taking a wider look at my code to find the problem?
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