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  1. Another thing I want to show. Testing ports... Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join! Port 22005 TCP is open. Could this be somehow related with the problem?
  2. Yeah, many times. I tried yesterday on my friend's pc few miles away and that didn't worked as well. Is our ip range banned?
  3. From what I remember, on 2010 I could play on every MTA servers including the one with 22003 and 22005 port. This issue started now.
  4. I tried that many times and it doesn't works. I will PM you my Teamviewer id and pass. Sorry, I had just migrated from SA-MP and I don't wish to go back to it. MTA Team can easily fix this issue. Just wait and see.
  5. So, what's the problem then? They said it's open and Counter Strike Source, SA-MP and COD MW2 online works. I think it's MTA problem.
  6. My ISP is Link3 Technologies. Why is all of my port is closed but still I can play SA-MP?
  7. Error: I could not see your service on xxx.xxx.x.xxx on port (xxx) Reason: Connection refused It happens for all the ports.
  8. That application doesn't wants to install.
  9. How to see if it's blocked or not?
  10. This is what it's written. "Local Area Connection 2"
  11. Actually I don't really know If I have a router or not. There are hell lot of network equipments.
  12. Well this is what I want. As you can see I have a table named pldata which consist few cells. Inside a cell there are two parameters. One is the "data name" and the other is the "data value". Now what I want is that I want to assign those data values on the data values which has been queried from mysql database and which is on the poll table. How would I be able to do that?
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