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  1. If you mean in the router configuration then no
  2. Hi all as the title says i cant open the ports of my router Zyxel P600 Series. I already tried to open the ports in the firewall of windows (i added the 3 ports as enter rules and exit rules [i dont know if its well written]). The only ports that shows open is the TCP 22005. Here is some caps
  3. Hi! I have a problem i change my password by mistake and now i dont know how to change it again. I know the accounts are in file internal.db and theres a program to edit that file (sqlite browser) but how can i change my password account? All i see is this: Its like compiled password anyone know is there a way to write password and then compiled it?
  4. Hi all i saw this video and i like the first script (weapon shown over players head when hit someone) but idk where can i get it. Someone that have this script can upload it please?
  5. yes i can edit it with notepad thanks
  6. Well i need to edit a .LNG file of a resource (Tactics) (spanish.lng) cuz some words are incorrect
  7. How can i turn on weapon_hit.mp3 ?
  8. Already solve it i put in meta.xml this: And work
  9. Hi all! I installed the last version of the A/D Aspect today but i have this problem: I did everything necessary to run it (add aspect in group admin , allow aspect functions) but it gives me this error PD: I tried to set in mtaserver.conf the min client version to 1.3.0-9.04491.0 but nothing happened
  10. I already download it but i saw a bug in bases that the spawn is bug and the base crashes lol EDIT : This image in aspect is bug (cant see anything of that) http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/1549 ... 224158.png
  11. Well im looking for Aspect ... someone have it on their PC and uploaded it ? or knows a link to download?
  12. Tapl the reason why i was looking for a meta generator its for im looking for Aspect 1.0.3 for my server and a friend of me found it and he pass me the resource via msn BUT the resource doesnt come with meta.xml and server side so i create the meta but the server i dont know how to create it thats why im asking here
  13. Heres the client : http://pastebin.com/ayF3vTzA i cant put it in Lua tags the file has much characters
  14. there isnt a server file in the resource lol so how can i fix this?
  15. how can i put here serverside?
  16. Well the meta i have created and edited seems work good viewtopic.php?f=101&t=44845 BUT now i have this error
  17. Bazoookaaa

    Meta.xml error

    still geting errors lol
  18. Bazoookaaa

    Meta.xml error

    Hi all i have a problem i download a resource with no meta.xml on it and i create it with : viewtopic.php?f=108&t=36514 but the console says that it cant parse the meta.xml file i have created so what am i doing wrong? Heres the meta : http://pastebin.com/MpChwY6S
  19. Is there a meta.xml file generator online or offline? cuz i download a resource and it doesnt come with this file lol
  20. Hi all my problem is when i play in an arena or base when it finish it doesnt go to the lobby and it starts another arena or base and i dont know what to do! i try deactivate arenas and bases but other players cant vote so please someone help me! If someone dont understand it heres a demonstration video : http://www.mediafire.com/?pnfg51fp8t2if24
  21. Hi all forum members! As the title says the others cant see my server on browser list and i dont know what to do * I tried the cmd openports in MTA console and says... Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join! Port 22005 TCP is closed. Players can not download! How can i open these ports?
  22. How is the code to a script that outputs a message in the chatbox when the admin start an arena or base e.g : Player has started arena 20 or Player has started base 1
  23. it says: Testing Ports... Port 22126 UDP is open Port 22005 UDP is open Port 22003 TCP is open Im gonna try if shows in the list Edit : it appers in the list
  24. Hi all! As the topic title says that i create a server but when i started it doesnt show in list and in console says: Querifying game-monitor.com master server... Unavailable! all the times that i start the server and i dont know what to do PD: I open the ports 22003 (TCP/UDP) 22005 (TCP/UDP) and 22126 (TCP/UDP)
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