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  1. Nevermind, I'm just gonna reinstall windows tonight haha.
  2. Maybe worth mentioning is that the mouse is working fine in GTA:SA, but in MTA:SA it's not.
  3. Hello guys, At the moment I am really desperate. I finnaly fixed my old mouse bug (couldn't use it in-game), but now microsoft decided to screw me over again.. Yesterday I installed windows 8.1 (before I had 8.0) and now I am not able to play mta enjoyable anymore. The mouse is constantly stuttering and lagging and it's just unplayable. If you want to fraps this or anything, maybe I can do that. I've searched for solutions, completely followed all of these steps http://www.howtogeek.com/175722/how-to- ... ndows-8.1/, but did not work. Also did this: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/fix-mouse
  4. I get exactly the same mtadiag, including the: Checking for modified or nonstandard GTA files, please wait... Checking 4 out of 394...Nonstandard GTA file: \vorbisFile.dll Maybe someone can watch trough teamviewer?
  5. Do I have to extract those drivers into gta sa folder?
  6. MTADiag v2.7.9 by Towncivilian You have multiple versions of MTA installed. Please pick which version to diagnose by entering the number within the brackets : [2] 1.2 [3] 1.3 Enter version choice: 3 MTA install path: C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.3 MTA version: 1.3.4-9.05848.0.000 GTA install path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas DirectX is up-to-date. Checking for missing GTA files, please wait... Checking 394 out of 394... MTA is up-to-date. Checking for modified or nonstandard GTA files, please wait... Checking 4 out of 394...Nonstandard
  7. Forgot to mention that 1.2 is working fine! But 1.3 isn't.
  8. Sup! After a year I returned to this game, but for some reason it doesn't let me join any server. All servers I join I get the same message, connection timed out. Details it gives me: Timed out code: 4F050000 0A050000 Might be caused by a virus. Remove virus and then re-install MTA:SA 03040033 Caused by a program called Evolve interfering with MTA. ???????? Other codes are caused by programs interfering with MTA. Try stopping them. As you can see, the link doesn't even give me a solution. I've windows 8, but changed the compability to exp service pack 3 and 98, didn't work either.
  9. You RPG heroes shouldn't even post here at all. You don't know nothing about this mod and the community of it. Many players asked to do something about kids using cheats and mods and now when someone finnaly tries to do something about'it, you show up and try to ruin it. If you don't like the mod, don't freakin' use it all. We are one of the most experienced players of this mod, so I guess we have right to give our opinion about it. Why in the hell would anyone try to ban Mate_? He's actually trying to make this game a better place for many other players. I bet you forum/ RPG nerds, didn't ev
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