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  1. yea this is a major step up from the old MTA... Very nice job team.
  2. hahaha no reply to reinstalling windows.... maybe he did
  3. Argento7

    Deliverance - stunt vid

    Hopefully the ATS crew is working on one now
  4. Argento7

    High Flying

    ya thats alright
  5. yea i knew about that too, back when i had gta installed and could fly
  6. Argento7

    High Flying

    thats ok chaozz i take any rating anytone gives me besides "it sucked". Anyway, i tried to make a video without a pcj in it for once, but ill work on some stunt videos next .
  7. Argento7

    My 2 movie

    Cool video, yea i believe most of Vice city has been stunted already, but there has to be some places out there. The most un-original stunt or beginners stunting place is the fountain. In my opinion syncing the music is really hard, but u have to find the right tunes for your video. Like the green day song was pretty good.
  8. Argento7

    High Flying

    This is my first video. You can critisize me if you want about the mods but i think its still a cool vid. There are no pcj's in it, just a hotring racer that has the nos mod. ... flying.rar
  9. downloading now...... EDIT: Good video, but 3 things I noticed: 1. Some of the stunts weren't landed 2. There was some footage that was not needed like the one where u jumped off ur bike then stole a banshee 3. The north park mall grind is over used Rating- 7.5/10
  10. Argento7

    Multi Theft Auto 0.5

    lol i wonder why kinda of cool stunts can be performed on the rc bandits with nitro.
  11. I wanna see the video sooooo bad, but i don't wanna buy the rar thingy.