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  1. Hey! The link seems to be down, can anyone upload a mirror? Thanks in advance! ps, I've created this intro within 3ds Max, but I didnt know there was a tool to help so I placed it by hand:
  2. NitroN


    Will this gives me a bigger draw distance? "This function is used to set the distance of render. " but will it overwrite the Draw distance in the mta settings?
  3. Done that now, but MTA 1.2 has a much better DrawDistance..
  4. NitroN


    Hey, I record mta maps and I wanna know if there's a way to crank up the Draw Distance to lets say 200%. Because the draw distance was way better in 1.2 then 1.3.1 so is there a way for me to edit it myself? I don't wanna go ahead and check all the script files D:
  5. Our server (1.3) does currently not support the new 1.3.1 scale feature. How do we fix this? Is there a script update or resource we gotta add?
  6. What is going on guys! Drake hooked up with to make a new map. And after a few weeks we finally managed to finish this beauty. It was such an honor to work with you Drake! NitroN ft. Drake - Lost in Dreams 720P is advised. Cheers p.s. NitroNTV/Le Kreatif is V.I.M. only, PM me fore more info.
  7. Thanks Benox. That wasn't clear.
  8. What is going on guys! DarkOne is back with a stunning speed map! Lovely track to drive on, and awesome weather + deco! 720P is advised. Cheers p.s. NitroNTV/Le Kreatif is V.I.M. only, PM me fore more info.
  9. NitroN

    Water bug ?

    Nothing else?
  10. NitroN

    Water bug ?

    This started happening with the new mta 1.2 update and it is fucking annoying, anyone else noticing this? Some objects are going through the water without being blurred or something similar.. Also the NRG is totally bugging, I didn't install any NRG mod. Cheese.
  11. Introducing fresh from Brasil here is APs with his v3 called Rampage, Unreal Tournament much APs ;p? Song: Camo & Krooked - All Fall Down (Feat. Shaz Sparks) (Club Mix) 720P is advised. Cheers p.s. NitroNTV is V.I.M. only, PM me fore more info.
  12. NitroN

    Color change bind

    I tried, but couldn't find something to help me :\
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