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  1. Blaawee

    image on text

    What are you using to draw the text?
  2. You're mixing client and server functions together.
  3. Is that all the code? try to re-check the table and guiSetVisible things.
  4. seems like you not visiting the wiki. guiGridListAddRow got only one arg which is the gui element. and one more thing! ATTENTION: Without guiGridListSetItemText there is no row added to the grid. Look at the example, first you give the row a name with row = guiGridListAddRow ( playerList ), and then you use guiGridListSetItemText.
  5. i found that images on the internet,hard to believe you made it. i will remove it if you can prove you made it. Actually, It's belongs to Empire Of Riders "ER" which Gallardo9944 own that server. i've been playing in that server.
  6. I guess you can. By creating a target for render with dxCreateRenderTarget fit the gui then use dxSetShaderTransform. after that draw you shader.
  7. Are you kidding with me?? hasObjectPermissionTo is a client?? Which one is worked??
  8. Client: local gAdminTable = { }; addEvent( "getAdminTabel", true ); addEventHandler ( "getAdminTabel", root, function( table ) if table and type( table ) == 'table' then gAdminTable = table; else error( 'No table.'); end end ); addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, function( ) local index = 0 for admins in pairs( gAdminTable ) do if admins and getElementType( admins ) == 'player' then local color = tocolor( getPlayerNametagColor ( admins ) ); dxDr
  9. Blaawee

    Race marker

  10. Blaawee

    I need help

    I didn't get what's your problem is!
  11. I guess you missed adding a new row guiGridListAddRow
  12. Blaawee

    how 3d images?

    Test Test Test Try this: Remember To Use my .FX file. function dxDrawText3D( text, left, top, right, bottom, color, scale, font, rotX, rotY, rotZ, rotOfX, rotOfY, rotOfZ, alignX, alignY, clip, wordBreak, postGUI, colorCoded ) if not text or not left or not top then return; end local right = right or 0; local bottom = bottom or 0; local color = color or tocolor( 255, 255, 255, 255 ); local scale = scale or 1; local font = font or "default"; local rotX = rotX or 0; local rotY = rotY or 0; local rotZ = rotZ or 0; lo
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