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  1. Another ZDay skin modification. Should be removed.
  2. You didn't understand me. I was saying that they were thinking of giving us, the scripters, 200+ new ids for putting objects, skins, vehicles and so one.
  3. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/index.php?title=Character_Skins&oldid=49130 See for yourself.
  4. I have a question, in the Character Skins wiki page there was a list of the new upcoming ID skins for 1.6, why do you hide it? It can be that they arent going to be in the 1.6 anymore? Thank you for answer.
  5. Agregale un setTimer a la función respawnVehicles y estaría listo.
  6. Sorry for doble-post. After one month on OVH and having TS3 and two servers of MTA, i can declare that it works perfectly. Nice ping, no network trouble and use a lot less than I expected, i think I can make like 3 servers more without problem, even more. If someone can close the topic, thank you.
  7. Well, thank you for the info. I'll probably buy the OVH VPS.
  8. I totally don't understand why did you make that forum when in the official (this) we already have that. E.g.: https://forum.mtasa.com/viewforum.php?f=120 Also, can you stop spamming on the facebook group? I really don't know if it was you, but it is very annoying. But well, keep it going.
  9. I forgot! But i need to ask because it doesnt say it, it only says that i has "100 Mbps - Unlimited traffic". Maybe i have unlimited traffic until i start abusing the Bandwidth or something. Thank you for the answer. Also in point 2. i can't really tell because i'm working on that server
  10. Hi everyone! I'm thinking on buying a VPS on Canada for hosting some servers and one web, but the problem is that i really don't know if OVH can handle it. What I mean is if it wont collapse or anything. I will probably hosting this things: 1- MTA:SA Server 128 Slots and a media of 20~ players. This server has like 300MB or more to download. Also it has some slothbots and the zombies resource, a lot of elements, maps and colshapes. 2- Another MTA:SA Server 128 slot, i dont know how much players. This server has like 20MB for download. This server is clena of elements. 3- An TS3 Server with like 50slots. In the time when i had one only 10 players used it (maybe because it only had 10 slots). 4- A web, i already have it. It has an SMF btw. I am wondering to pay for the VPS SSD 1 pack with gives: 1 vCore (I think it's a dual core) 2,4 GHz 2 GB RAM If someone already have an OVH VPS can tell me if i can host all of that on the 1st pack or not i will be pleased. Thank you for reading.
  11. For that they can keep this forum online, right? So I think they can not.
  12. Nice, when i get my RP working and stuff, i will try this.
  13. It was like an year from now that i open a account on the wiki, and now I simply cannot login into. I forgot my password and probably i didnt set a email, or the email i selected was one that is ban now. What i should do? Plus, I only did this changes but the name is the important thing: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Sp ... ons/Platin