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  1. Report community resources here!

    Original: Stolen: The guy who reupload it did some changes but i think the proper credits are not given, plus the changes are minor, plus prob didn't ask the creator. DENIED (please read as this kind of re-upload is excepted for reasons listed in the policy)
  2. [QUESTION] About Shaders, fx and textures...

    Thank you for the answer.
  3. [QUESTION] About Shaders, fx and textures...

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice or some information about shaders and how they work, and also if its possible, with .png, create some textures for the game and dont remplacing any of them at all. It really would be very useful to me, because on my own I only could make some shaders that change the colors of the screen at that's all. Thank you!
  4. Pregunta

    Muestra que es bs si no no te podremos ayudar. Si es la ventana en donde esta el label mejor!
  5. Shaders, fx y texturas

    Hola, queria saber si alguien me puede facilitar la informacion de como crear una textura y ponersela a un objeto usando shaders. Seria de micho ayuda. Tambien me serviria alguna miniguia de fx que anduve jugando con eso y solo logre cambiar los float de los colores. Gracias de antemano!
  6. Ayuda primer logeo

    Tambien tienes el getAccountsBySerial para detectar si tiene alguna cuenta ya creada
  7. Problema con casco para el jugador

    Creo que lo de la camara seguira pasando si o si. Podrias hacer que cuando al jugador lo dañen en la cabeza no le quite vida.
  8. Hi! I can't acces to my account on the wiki. I remember creating it with an old method, don't remember what tho. When I try to reset my password the email never reaches me. I'm 100% sure that my username is Platin and my email is, so i don't know what else to do. Someone out there could help me?
  9. Report community resources here! Another ZDay skin modification. Should be removed.
  10. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 released!

    You didn't understand me. I was saying that they were thinking of giving us, the scripters, 200+ new ids for putting objects, skins, vehicles and so one.
  11. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 released! See for yourself.
  12. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.3 released!

    I have a question, in the Character Skins wiki page there was a list of the new upcoming ID skins for 1.6, why do you hide it? It can be that they arent going to be in the 1.6 anymore? Thank you for answer.
  13. [AYUDA]-[HELP] Auto-Respawn for cars

    Agregale un setTimer a la función respawnVehicles y estaría listo.