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  1. Must say, Truly awesome work.. Looks like you're a Dubstep fan, haha. Anyways, what company do you work for? how do you make this stuff? Any certain projects?
  2. Slim.

    [REL] wMeme 1.1

    YOU JUST GOT TROLLED! TROLOLOL!! Hehe, nice job mate.
  3. Thank you very much, i appreciate your help
  4. Oh, so you mean, the DxdrawText comes under onClientRender() ?
  5. Erm, Thanks for the position, but i really didnt get why in Render needed here.
  6. Er, so. I want to make my own custom crosshair. I've managed to disappear the default crosshair. but now, i need to add my own. My concept is to make a red dot display in right CENTER of the screen. The red dot will be a Dxline (or call it a dot ) So, i need help with 2 things. : 1. How can i make it appear always? like, i don't need the crosshair only when we aim, i want it to be their everytime. 2. What are the co ordinates of the Center of the screen? (0,0) ? Thanks in Advance. ~Slim
  7. Errrr, Listen.. the community might take a BIG risk by adding this suggestion.. let me show you an example: Example 1 :- XYZ Player has joined the game. XYZ: Wow, Nice server.. ima rate it 10/10 ! Example 2 :- ABC Has joined the game. ABC: ┼♠²╜Ω6►87╪6 !! ? !WDOASHOAS ? QRS: ENGLISH IN THE MAINCHAT! PLEASE. ABC: QUE? ME NO INGISH ME GIVE SERVER 1/ 10 FAK OFFFF!!!11111 You see, that's the problem..
  8. and how will that help? i want EVERYONE to be able to make their favorites.
  9. Adding the star and stuff would be a tough job, i think i'll go with the simple favorites.
  10. Hello, Today i was busy mapping something, and i got an idea which can be used for the MTA editor. How about making a "favorites" section in the MAP editor where you can add your objects names. I think it's useful as most of us forget the name of an object while you are mapping it, So by this section, you can add your favorite objects whose name you dont remember. It works just like the "Favorite" section for the servers. Just tell me if you agree, i don't mind if disagree with me , just don't leave rude comments. Thanks.
  11. Gratz to all, I'm very happy for all of you.
  12. Slim.

    Help required.

    Hey guys, I need help in disabling the "aim" cursor on MTA. I wasn't able to find it on wiki.. Any Help ? Thank's in advance.
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