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  1. Hope it will be like in Half-life and Counter-strike... That there will be somekind security file download from the server or homepage and that it will be loaded....so the cheating will be basicly updated without releasing new versions everytime.
  2. how is the cheating handle in the game? Nicely done with the new upcomming MTA.
  3. I think you prevent big part of the cheating by send the client the MD5 of the MTAClient.exe to the Server. The server will check if the client MD5 with his own MD5 and if it's not correct the Server while simply just disconnect with a message that he is running a wrong MTA client that can be possibly hacked or something like that.
  4. Mostly because I never used Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. Yeah so? If you read my first post I sad I did teh stunt two times.
  6. I get scrambled movie If I use Divx in Adobe Premiere.
  7. There are currently 4878 user registred on this forum. But you could look this by your self by clicking MemberList on top this page and going to last page.
  8. I tryed Adobe Premiere Pro and made this small 10 seconds stunt movie. I did the stunt two times and overlap them so they almost look the same. It's made XviD Codec but Divx can handle it to. If you got DivX 5 and it doesnt work Try using XviD. http://dutchtux.decksix.com/video/stunttest.zip (1.04 MB) Here is some Video Information: - Used XviD Codec - Works with DivX - Screensize: 320X240 - Original screensize: 640x480 - Compiled with VirtualDub - Movie created with Adobe Premiere Pro - Create time about 30 minutes
  9. Fraps uses the codec MS H.263....Well that says the properties of the file. in Media Player the it says that it's a unkown codec. Try opening the file with media player classic.
  10. DutchTux


    I could make a DB with all banned ips and even generate banned.lst files so you get the whole list. And somekind of rate system, so It can generate the list based on the many times the cheater is submitted.
  11. You can test if your ASE is working with my query script. here is the link: http://dutchtux.decksix.com/mtaquery/query.php If you can query your own server it mostly sure that ASE can do that to.
  12. YOu actualy dont mess with the mod...It's ment to make kick-system or stats system...or something like that.
  13. What about somekind Scripting system for MTA server. With simple commands like: SAY "Hello World?" And make it possible to have function like: On Join { PSay "Hello " . $Nick } It dont have to be advance but limited...
  14. I think it should work only in names not in chat messages.
  15. Nice Stunt. I can do that....But mostly of the time I hit lightpole... You can pratice good with signs at the airport....you can pratice on those very good.
  16. Someone has fixed the bugs thats found in the script. I updated the basic script from above. Thank again for fixing those Mulle. You can use this code freely. If the basic script doesnt work....Just send me E-mail and you will get the source of the sample script that is on my site.
  17. Well I love to but It seems that my windows is dead. I am now Mandrake 9.1, But I didnt install a webserver on it. I am trying to save my data and get windows back. But Anybody else can modify the code and Improve it. Just go ahead
  18. It's not edited I saw it to but couldnt create a good screenshot.
  19. Here I got the End user license from manual.pdf: End user License agreement We are not going to bore you with a full page of lawyer talk. But we will keep it simple. MTA all graphics, code and other belongings are copyright protected. They are the property of the MTA team and distributed for free via the internet. If you want to redistribute them, you may do so in unaltered form. Any alteration done by a non team member will be looked at as an infraction of this agreement. The MTA team can not be held responsible for any damage on your computer. All software released is tested on as many systems as possible and is considered as “in development”.
  20. Well I see I have problem with the name to...It seems the charactor changes. Dont know why yet.
  21. I made this script just for fun. It makes possible to Query ESA enabled servers. You directly wonder why? It's usefull if you want give information of your own server on your homepage. I didnt got out the bug where the server name and Player not show correctly when there are less then 10 players on the server. You can test it here: http://dutchtux.decksix.com/mtaquery/query.php And the basic source is here: // Caching header("Expires: Mon, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT"); // Date in the past header("Last-Modified: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s") . " GMT"); // always modified header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate"); // HTTP/1.1 header("Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0", false); header("Pragma: no-cache"); // HTTP/1.0 // Getting information of teh form. $ServerIP = ""// Server IP here $ServerPort = "" // Server IP here $fp = fsockopen("udp://" . $ServerIP, $ServerPort + 123, $errno, $errstr); if (!$fp) { echo "$errstr ($errno) \n"; exit; } else { fputs ($fp, "s"); $c = ''; do { $c .= fread ($fp,1); $fpstatus = socket_get_status($fp); } while ($fpstatus["unread_bytes"] ); fclose ($fp); $playerquery = strchr($c,"?"); $serverquery = substr($c,0, strlen($c) - strlen($playerquery)); $players = explode ("?",$playerquery); unset($players[0]); // Remove Array number 0 because nothing is entered by explode. $serverquery = str_replace("","<=>",$serverquery); $serverquery = str_replace("","<=>",$serverquery); $serverquery = str_replace("","<=>",$serverquery); $serverquery = str_replace("","<=>",$serverquery); $serverquery = str_replace("","<=>",$serverquery); $serverquery = str_replace("","<=>",$serverquery); for($i=0;$i<(count($serverquery));$i++){ $explodedata = explode("<=>",$serverquery); } } $string = "$ServerPort"; $stringlengte = strlen($string); $server_name_ip = $ServerPort; $server_name_ip .= $explodedata[2][$stringlengte]; $server_name = str_replace("$server_name_ip","",$explodedata[2]); if (!$serverquery) { echo "Server offline"; } else { echo $server_name; // Server name echo $explodedata[3]; // Game name echo $explodedata[4]; // version echo $explodedata[6] ."/" . $explodedata[7]; // Current Players and max players // Player List $pcount = 0; foreach (array_keys($players) as $player) { $pcount++; echo $pcount; // Player number echo substr($players[$player],1,strlen($players[$player]) - 6); // Player name } }
  22. That's a good layout. Maybe you should put something of GTA3 in to. Now it looks only for VC.
  23. I have tried using Admin Console in MTA and it works but after a while every thing is f*cked up.
  24. If that Compentation is going to get made then I am willing to make the Script for the Homepage in PHP just. Just send me PM.
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