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  1. Merry Christmas to you too, i'll make sure they're getting what they deserve
  2. Yeah i got this problem too and i have the newest version of MTA
  3. Here some photos from the server, tank battles, ship battles, infantry battles:
  4. yep, i was there it would be much better if the teams were bigger.. but it was good tho
  5. well i don't see any scripts on your website...
  6. its not a bug you just need to change the super moderator's rights. Open the acl.xml file and find the Super moderator rights group, it should be at like 175 modify it so you add/remove the rights you want
  7. The clothes system is amazing, but the clothes should be added to the admin panel addon
  8. Thanks ALOT for your contribution that is just great.. big change. I wanted to ask about two important things i wanted to change in the gamemode: - The night time is too much dark.. i mean i tried to lower it in the files but nothing made it as i want it, also the night goggles are almost useless you can try it yourself. - Is it possible to edit the zombie system i want to make it that the zombies spawn in specific positions not spawning close to the players.. i want to spawn zombies to their suitable places like zombie doctors at hospitals, zombie soldeirs at military areas and so on.
  9. Can you please post the decompiled one?
  10. Can i have an alpha key please.. im really excited to test it
  11. Nothing much to say, but i'd love to see a server like this if its uniqe and well made
  12. Hey.. good job man, well done Are you still working on it?
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