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  1. You guys can't even Think of a good RP name i mean Peter Griifin Lolz Griifin Roleplay come on think of something.
  2. Lol Frank Black is from Grimz RP they can't RP for shit there I mean somebody was on it called 'Marshall Mathers' and 'John Marston' LOL Frank ur Gintz give it up stop making RP servers.
  3. Diall


    What I have bean named Diall everywhere I have bean before from Xbox to PS3 and to IV:MP and VC:MP ect
  4. Diall


    Hope fully this will help me make my Gamemodes RPG, RP, and others whitch will be community (free) releases.
  5. Diall


    Hello there I am new to MTA Community and its about time I started to learn the scripting laug Lua can anybody help me or give me links?
  6. Diall

    CJ clothes

    Yes it is but you have to replace all the clothe items ect.
  7. Diall


    Does anybody know where i can get a Water Shader thing i think its a shader so its like HD Water?(is there a script)
  8. Diall

    Mybb Login

    Hmm i might be able to help you i currently have a script going to a MySQl script i think i can do it with MyBB
  9. Diall

    Map File?

    hello does anybody have a City Hall map file anywwhere?
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