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  1. So i decided to give this another go. I choosed another map mod, Laguna Seca racetrack. I did just like before, and this time, tested around alittle bit. I went into the editor, started the script, the map, and then went into test mode. It said: INFO: invalid model request 'lagus_1' INFO: invalid model request 'lagus_2' INFO: invalid model request 'lagus_3' INFO: invalid model request 'lagus_4' INFO: invalid model request 'lagus_5' Any ideas? Oh, and i checked under the chat box. It said: lagus_[1-5] (1, false) And in the chatbox, it said "name: lagus-5 (3983) Wth does all this mean?
  2. That's just a warning... nothing to be concerned. Are there any errors when you run the conventer (like file not found on numerous models, textures ) ? If i remember correctly, i think i got multiple warnings that files from GTA United was missing <--- dafuq I dont remember, since it was quite some time since i made the convert...
  3. Gostown is quite big. I mean it is supposed to weight over 200 MB as a resource. check the directories resources\your_resource.zip\models\ resources\your_resource.zip\textures\ You might try this: 1.login to your account (in game) 2.type debugscript 3 (if are there any errors) 3.start the resource 4.See the debug output for errors. 5.??? 6.PROFIT i can't come up with any other tips at the moment. Okay, so i did this, and this is the error i get: WARNING: engineLoadDFF model id should not be 0 these days ? I dont understand what it means
  4. When i explored alittle, high up in the air and whatnot, i found SA objects all around. Trees, buildings, roads, and such. wtf is going on? I didnt find any new objects tho.
  5. So i tried this, and i tried converting "Gostown6", but it didnt work. Nothing shows up? I dont know if i did it correctly, but yeah Downloaded Gostown6 from www.moddb.com Installed it into a seperate folder Went into gostown6/models Extracted gostown6.img into a "res" folder Took all COL files, and converted them into single collision files Took all DFF, TXD and COL files and placed them in the "resources" folder Went into gostown6/maps/gostown6and placed them in the "ipl" folder Went into gostown6/maps/gostown6/lots and placed those files in the "ipl" folder Ran the "ipl_mtaconv" f
  6. Is that so? Nice. No worries, my friend and i play via hamachi (Not on an internet server ^^) so noone else can join Thanks for the information my friend!
  7. Got an cool (maybe even possible) idea some days ago. My friend really likes the map that i make for MTA 1.3, and he would so like to see me make them ^^ Is it possible to create a "Map editor server" that others can join? It would be an awsome feature. EDIT: I mean like, im the map editor person that edits the map, and others can just screw around/freeroam/test the map and look for bugs/glithes.
  8. Why cant i use ENB series on MTA? Everytime i use it i get CTD. Why not just make it available to use???
  9. How? And dont send me to that unhelpful wiki site. That just explains everything with a language i dont understand.
  10. So, you mean that i can re-create this map-mod into MTA using the map editor? Think again: http://www.gta-worldmods.de/phpkit/star ... 5d6d75b4d8 THAT is the map mod i want to use. Try to re-create THAT in MTA.
  11. Thats BS! Fukin make a option to have mods/map/other mods available or not! Fukin hell...
  12. Sargeant98

    Map mods problem

    Aight, lets start off saying that this is what i did: 1. I installed a map mod (placed a folder with 3 files, 1 IDE, 1 IPL and 1 img file into data/maps/[FOLDER]) and also replaced gta.dat (Required maybe?) 2. Started my own server that me and my friend plays on (Only we) and started MTA. 3. Joined my server, but JUST before i get in, MTA crashes, and it says "gta_sa.exe" is the problem to this. The fuck am i supposed to do? I really want to play on this map with my friend! And dont tell me that i must put it as a script/map into MTA, becouse i know nothing about doin that stuff. Help, be
  13. I mean like, i got ELM, and it rocks with custom ELM supportable cars and all, but since cleo mods arent compatable with MTA, i want a script for it
  14. I dont know if this is in the right spot, but ok I need a NFS HP 2010 style police light script Like, 3 blinks, 3 blinks on the other side, and repeat Is it possible? I am new here AKA cant script stuff
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