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  1. Hi guys. I would like to know, where is the chat working is handled. I want to change the chat system on the server starting with removing the old chat 'table'. But idk where i can find it
  2. Ramboo

    Team manager

    isn't there any event, which checks changing info of player?
  3. Ramboo

    Team manager

    What is the event, when a guy change the team? For example, you joined the game => you login => you get into a team => your blip color changes immediately accroding to team color.
  4. and yes, it is Race gamemode. yes it should, but i wish to understand the way it works, you know. kinda, i created my own setnextmap system.
  5. Hi guys. another newb question (still newbie in scripting) I need to start setted map when map finishes. I ve been looking this in resources for all day and didn't find the resolution. So i need : Check through eventhandler if map is finished (time = 0 or there is a winner). then, before newmap votepoll appears, the setted map by admin have to start. Help pleas =)
  6. Give me the example pls. im new in scriptint csmit195, thx, ill try to use resources Sorry but now job . . Later i give u the code no problem. (reply with iphone) Ty. waitin:P
  7. Give me the example pls. im new in scriptint csmit195, thx, ill try to use resources
  8. Hey yo guys. I ve got a problem. my blips change and get attached to player, when script restarts, or player log in or out. BUT it doesn't work when map restarts. Code : function loadMap( resource ) for id, player in ipairs( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do accountname = getAccountName (getPlayerAccount(player)) if isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. accountname, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then createBlipAttachedTo ( player, 0, 5, hivicolor[1], hivicolor[2], hivicolor[3] ) else createBlipAttachedTo ( player,
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