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    MTA V?

    Not to jump off topic so much but have you tryed IV:MP alot of servers on there just use alot of /cmds instead of taking there time to create guis but its still a great thing to work with if you get or are any good at squirrel scripting but yeah id love to see GTA 5 on mta 2 tbh
  2. Fixed Problem When This Happens To Anyone Just Turn Your Draw Distance In Mta Settings Under Video To 0 or just turn it down and try to see which one it works good for you so it doest flash
  3. when you say your screen flash do you mean as a rendering problem like the trees and texutres and building flash ?
  4. i think he means it don't exist in the scripting launguage i'll be on today if u wanna finish scripting this mite as well release it when we done uncompiled
  5. function daPic2() dxUpdateScreenSource(screen); addEventHandler("onClientTrigger", picRoot, showSpeedPic2) setTimer(removeDaAnnoyingThingy, 5501, 1); end addEvent("showPicture2", true) addEventHandler("showPicture2", getLocalPlayer(), daPic2) function removeDaAnnoyingThingy2() removeEventHandler("onClientTrigger", picRoot, showSpeedPic2) end ok so now i added that client side and this server function sendWarningToCops(theVehicle, thePlayer, speed, x, y, z) if isTimer(warningTimers[thePlayer]) then toPay[thePlayer] = nil
  6. Well what he is trying to ask is for example we are rescripting the speed cam my homeboy made so heres the server side and i'll get to the point addEventHandler("onResourceStart",resourceRoot, function () for index, camera in ipairs(cameraTable) do local marker = createMarker(camera.x, camera.y, camera.z, "cylinder", camera.size, 255, 200, 0, 0, root) cameras[marker] = {speed=camera.speed} addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, onCameraMarkerHit) if (enableBlips) then local blip = createBlip(camera.x, camera.y, camera.z, 0, 1,
  7. i did as you can see in the first post where it says ERROR
  8. Hmm on which line and any idea how to fix it i tryed for a long time but i coulent figure it out i just hate to have to re script a hole new shop system for clothing
  9. in debug 3 to check my code error i get this ERROR: shopfolder\c_generalshop_system.lua:342:attempt to get length of upvalue 'availableskins' (a nill value) now i will post the shop system script also my account system folder has all the pics also so i have no idea why its doing this i have never heard of a upvalue before so heres the codes wGeneralshop, iClothesPreview = nil items = nil tGShopItemTypeTab = {} gGShopItemTypeGrid = {} gcGShopItemTypeColumnName = {} gcGShopItemTypeColumnDesc = {} gcGShopItemTypeColumnPrice = {} grGShopItemTypeRow = {{ },{}} --- clothe
  10. local hostname = get( "hostname" ) or "localhost" local username = get( "username" ) or "root" local password = get( "password" ) or "" local database = get( "database" ) or "Yourdatabasenamehere" local port = tonumber( get( "port" ) ) or 3306 I use that for xamp if that helps any if your running it local just add localhost as you see in the first line and so on and where i put your databasenamehere that will be your mysql database name you created so if you called it john instead of typing Yourdatabasenamehere you would just replace it with john hope this helps a bit also make sure y
  11. is that a fast rope or a rope climbing script
  12. YOU NEVER SAID YOUR QUESTION LIKE THAT, DON'T SAY "LEARN TO READ", first explain yourself better & use AjaxTrans (http://www.ajaxtrans.com), GOOGLE TRANSLATOR IS CRAP. So, You are still explaining yourself bad. But I think you are like trying to replace the moon with Marth planet, am I right? If so, this resources does that: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2731 all good and thanks anyways and if u would of read a bit more you would see what i ment buddy but no thats not what i needed as the mta admin or w.e said it has no id so this post can be delted
  13. yea thanks for asking its working fine now after i got a new router and ect and re forwarded the ports it was a isp problem they was doin us dirty till we called them out on it then they came aplogized and helped us out with the router and ect as in giving a new free 1
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