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  1. Someone share my scripts, please remove his account and this script Thanks. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=8276 DONE
  2. So there is any way to create a folder for "new" resource?
  3. Hello! I have a one problem what i cant fix, is there any way to create a new directory in client script cache directory (i mean MTA San Andreas 1.3/mods/deathmatch/resource/), i tried fileCreate(:"..folderName.."/testFile") but this didnt worked and also os.execute("mkdir testfolder") but any way didnt worked... If it is possible please help me! Thanks! Regards, Xiti.
  4. Dear people who need help about scripts, I would like to start this topic by presenting myself in a few words. I'm XIti, i've just done new scripts which could be liked by you, i'm also selling them for a cheap and honest price. Using these scripts on your server would be really helpful to get a staff or players through the stats system and the awsome features. I want to show you what kind of script can i do by the following image: I can also change it as you want, otherwise i've done scripts for -RB-, DK and -ftw- servers, if you have seen them. Well if you want some more information of
  5. If u want to change this message font u need to make your own function. For example: function showMessage(player) dxDrawText(getPlayerName(player).." WON!",sX/2,sY/2,500,200,tocolor(255,255,255,255),1,"default-bold") end
  6. Hello Everyone! I need help with my idea. I wanna make a simple resource with download function, but i can't put downloaded file do client memory. For example i have client.lua, when player joined to server script call function downloadFile and the file will saved. This is all, because the file is only saved, but not loaded to MTA memory. My question is: Is It possible to download this file without adding this to file meta.xml and load it to MTA memory? Thanks for helping, regards, Xiti!
  7. Oh my god this work! Solidsnake you are pro scripter, big beer for u! Thank so much. Thank's all what help me!
  8. On 100% the column exp is in database... I check this again... Maybe problem is in '?' becouse when i try get this then call me that column '"exp"' not exsit not 'exp' becouse i have function with "" (loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"exp"). This is only sugestion.
  9. Yes column exp is in database... I know and idk why this dont work...
  10. Thanks Jayz but this not work now i dont know why, i try get a value from column exp and this still dont work. When i try get this the debugscript say me: dbPoll failed; Unknown column "exp" in "filed list". Someone help me? Thanks Here is a code which i try get this from database. loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"exp")
  11. The script dont get from database any record what i want... I want a datatype - "cash" when i called this to the function then script cant return me this value. Someone help me?
  12. Hello everyone. I want help from someone with my load data function. I wanna wright a userpanel and without this i cant make this. I work on this some time and i cant solwe this problem, i try a lot of combination and i dont see a different in this code and idk why this dont work. Please help with this! here is my Load system: function loadPlayerData (thePlayer,datatype) if (thePlayer) and (datatype) then local guest = getElementData(thePlayer, "loggedin") if not (guest == false) then local account = getElementData(thePlayer, "account") loc
  13. xiti

    SQL save - problem

    Thanks myonlake, this work and i now have other problem... When my script loadPlayerData that i have a error: [2012-01-14 15:15:25] WARNING: userpanel\main_server.Lua:3250: Bad argument @ 'dbQuery' [Expected db-connection at argument 2, got string 'SELECT cash FROM userdata WHERE serial='****************************************************''] [2012-01-14 15:15:25] ERROR: userpanel\main_server.Lua:1078: bad argument #1 to 'tonumber' (value expected) In line 1078 i have this function: function playingTimeAdd(thePlayer) local totalPlayingTimeMinutes = tonumber(loadPlayerD
  14. I have problem with my SQL save. I modificed the old MySQL to new SQL save with new mta 1.2 db functions and i now have problem but script dont save values to db file. I work maybe 3 days and i cant solve this problem. Please help me. Here is my code: sqlDefaultTable = "userdata" -- Connect to the database function mySQLConnect() local server = dbConnect( "sqlite", "file.db" ) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),mySQLConnect) -- Make a new entry to the mySQL database function checkSqlData(source) loc
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